Today is the first day of spring, the  vernal equinox, and I came across some unlikely news in a publication, International Business Times. The column reminds the readers that this day is also the undeclared UN International Day of Happiness.  There is a surprising article about this day in the paper where it rather poetically states:

...in the world that has always been basking in the glory of economic prosperity and material gain and measuring the substance of growth only in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it is hard to imagine the possibility of looking at progress through the perspective of people’s happiness.

The article then continues to use the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan as an example of striking a balance  between the material and the spiritual welfare of its citizens hoping to impart happiness to all.

Ironically, there is news on the same page of a Tibetan mastiff puppy being sold for $2 million in China.  That’s going to make somebody happy.

tibetan mastiff


How did I celebrate International Day of Happiness?  Between downpours, I potted some seeds in the hope they would germinate for replanting in the early summer.

This month we have articles from the usual sources.

Journey into Buddhism relates Ernie Buck’s experience of dharma and how he found his spiritual home.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche explains how the world benefits from the three concepts of Healing, Helping and Harmony.  The short video is taken from a page on the Bodhicharya website.

Jaiya John reads his poem I Call You Legendary from the Florida Dependency Summit To all who attended the Everest Restaurant.

Thank to all who attended the Rigul Trust Fund-Raising Night.
We hope you enjoyed the food and entertainment and we would welcome any comments and suggestions. 
We raised £322 and I have added another £120 from a previous sale of jewelry and clothes, making the total £442.  This was made up to £501 with money from a jar.
Again, thanks to everyone who came and hope to see you at the next do.
Love and peace
Happy faces at the Rigul Trust fund-raising event


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  1. Alprazolam Avatar

    These arguments have merit. It s true that other cycling-friendly nations, like Germany and Denmark, have no helmet laws. It s doubtful, though, that many have roads like ours.

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