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A Conversation with David Brazier


I receive an email from a friend, Tamuly Jung in France, telling me that a neighbour of hers, David Brazier, is in Edinburgh for events organised by the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace.  This is an events-led Scottish charity organising programmes to promote the understanding of spirituality, and of interspirituality and intraspirituality, and its diversity.  She tells me that he agrees to let me use excerpts from his latest book, Not Everything is Impermanent.

Dr David Brazier is the President of the International Zen Therapy Institute, Dharmavidya of the Amida Order of Pureland Buddhism, Zen master, psychotherapist and author of nine books.  David resides a couple of villages distant from Tamuly who is living in a commune, The Oasis of Long Life[See previous article, Many Roads, October]

He is staying at the Panda Villa guest house in Kilmaurs Road, Edinburgh.  Everybody in my Buddhist Thinkers’ Group has heard of David except me.

My curiosity aroused, I phone David and make an arrangement to meet him the following evening.  On the phone he sounds welcoming and I look forward to our meeting.

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