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cycleDay 1 – 1st August – 55.65 miles
It was still raining when I pedaled away from the Sandy Bank Hotel at just after 8 am. The wind was still blowing too, not so strongly as the night before but luckily still from the same direction, this time blowing me along the A30 towards Penzance. Although I had the CTC route highlighted on my map, as I was making good time on the main road and feel reasonably comfortable in traffic, I decided to bypass Penzance and stayed on the A30 till just before Camborne. Then I thought that I ought to at least try and follow the Club’s suggestions, so dived down through Camborne and on to Redruth, where I got hopelessly lost trying to pick up the route. I eventually found the right road after asking for directions and riding up a long, steep pedestrianised street from the town centre.

I stopped at a MacDonald’s for some tea just before Truro and had a brief chat with two more E2Eers – youngsters on slick sporty road bikes. They said they were camping en route, which didn’t ring true with the tiny backpack each one was carrying and no cycle luggage, until they added that the support team was behind them in the van. They were predicting a ride of eight days; “a bit too ambitious” I thought; neither of them looked fit enough to put in that sort of daily mileage; ten days possibly.

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Journey Down 31 July 2009

The three­leg train journey down to Penzance wasn’t quite as bad as I’d expected; despite my

disappointment when booking at not being able to repeat the trip my son and I made years ago.  At

that time, we travelled Leeds to Penzance direct so had eight hours to sit back and enjoy the



Manchester to Birmingham New Street  on ‘Cross Country’ trains turned out to be the most

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It’s time to hit the road again.

Since returning from the ‘big ride’ ­ over two years ago now ­ I’ve been clocking up quite large mileages. What with 4­ – 5 sessions a week of cycle training with schools during term time, occasional rides up to Scotland to visit a Buddhist Centre and trips to visit friends and family, I’ve been covering about 8,000 miles a year. All very well for maintaining cycle fitness and my green credentials as a cycling commuter but it’s not exactly touring.

I’ve been passing myself off as a ’seasoned’ tourer since finishing the circumnavigation [Ernie cycled around the world in 2005] but have not yet completed the classic, must do tour in the UK, namely the Land’s End to John O’Groats, or vice versa, ride. So, the long summer holidays of 2009 are approaching; the last School courses will be finished by the end of July; it’s time to “knock the bastard off” as Sir Edmund Hillary said in 1953 on his return from the summit of Mt Everest.