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An innovative Dharma venture in the Centre of France.


For the last few decades,  particularly with the arrival in the West of  Zen and Tibetan Masters, together with the strong aura of HH the Dalaï Lama, many Westerners (among whom are many French people) have embraced Buddhism. With the setting up of Buddhist centres of various lineages, it has been possible to receive teachings and proper transmission, both by oriental and western Lamas within France itself.   This is very fortunate and should certainly awaken our gratitude for all those who have worked toward this aim and are still doing so.


However, there comes a time in life –and many of the first batch of French Buddhists have reached the stage when age and sometimes ailments prevent them from visiting these existing centres.

This is precisely at the crucial time in one’s life when one feels the need to prepare for the last journey with a proper view of the Dharma, in suitable, quiet surroundings, among friends who share  similar aspirations and under the guidance of spiritual masters and fellow believers.


With this in mind a project of a residence for elderly Buddhist practitioners was initiated.   Lama Sherab Namdreul from Yogi Ling in the Allier region was its instigator.  He took care of all the administrative procedures but, above all, ensured that the interested and involved persons had the proper spiritual motivation, Continue reading