The Buddha’s Masterplan





JANUARY 21, 2017


Beneath the sea of glistening stars,

Between the ethereal evening air,

Lies a forest of glowing dreams,

But as diverse and rich as they are,

None escape the same Moonbeam.

Under the lucent morning glow,

Roll waves of raving emotions,

Turbid fortunes and cruel woes,

The burning craving of billions,

Yet the same Sun illumines them all.

Princes, beggars and pretenders,

All dance their own tango with

Fortune’s jeering taunts and tantrums,

Each gambles to grapple with fate,

Yet upon the same soil they all tread.

The canopy of a grand old oak

Casts a wide and mighty shadow,

Ruffling with a myriad of leaves,

Adorned by blooming blossoms

That sprout in spring and wither in winter,

With branches amber in autumn,

Green in summer, and lean and bare

In Saturn’s season of barren frost.

Yet for all its lush richness, it still rests

Upon one abiding unchanging trunk.


So even as human affairs steer here and there,

And wander and meander like wetland streams,

The timeless source remains the same,

For all ripe fruits return to Buddha’s root.

Brian Chung
Taipei, Taiwan




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