The Unbearable Love Poem (Manjushri’s song) by Ani Tsering Paldron



My mistress is this unbearable tenderness
And my goal
Is never to be parted from her
Night and day, and every second of my life,
In a close and unique embrace.
In the unbearable aspect
There is the certainty of death,
The immeasurable space of parting;
In the tenderness
There is you and all beings
Whom I love better than myself. 

My right hand holds the flaming sword
Of unbearablessness
Wrapped around by the flames
Of deep warmth and tenderness;
And in my left hand
The lotus of pure love carries
Infinite ways to express this
Concealed into exalted words of great meaning. 

The way I fight my enemies is by liberating them from the suffering
Of the compulsive urge to harm and destroy
Pacifying, seducing or overpowering them.
Since beginningless time you completely surrender to me
And such a wholehearted openness
Is a wondrous gift
That I accepted with deep joy and respect
Taking it most seriously at heart. 

Deserving such confidence is what gives me
Uncommon sense of duty, readiness to die, and outrageous courage,
Indispensable virtues of a warrior. 

Now, if you are trustful enough to step outside
This world of misery and sorrow
And join me in the resplendent circle
Of unbearablessness and warmth,
By merging vivid awareness that everything is possible
– Including death and change –
With the irresistible bliss of absolute love,
Together, we will conquer the borderland of meeting and parting
And travel safely to the city of immortality
Beyond concept.

Please, believe me.


3 responses to “The Unbearable Love Poem (Manjushri’s song) by Ani Tsering Paldron”

  1. Heli Pennala Avatar
    Heli Pennala

    Thank You from this touching, beautiful poem!
    With love

  2. Pat Murphy Avatar
    Pat Murphy

    Tsering, This is amazing. A really beautiful poem. Many thanks. Love, Pat.

  3. Jackie Avatar

    A song of realisation for sure! So beautiful and touched me deeply.

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