To Waterfall





To Waterfall

Hills playing games in the mist,

“now you see me, now you don’t”.

White clouds part – a flash of blue,

then close – a curtain pulled across the sky.

Brambles nodding in the breeze

wisely agreeing.

Rowan berries peak out from leaves

Nature’s hide and seek.

Wind through trees rustles and rushes

a waterfall of sound.

Bird song flies through the air

cheeping, “I’m here”.

There’s a sign in wood – To Waterfall

that points the way,

along a muddy path by a stream,

upwards, to the falls

where a cascade of water and sound

envelopes me.

Nature’s palette before my eyes;

a riot of autumn colours

splashed on trees and bushes.

Ground covered with leaves,

a blanket for warmth;

for walkers, a slippery step.

Irene Lavery worked for the NHS for 40 years, laterally in healthecare education.  Having taken early retirement, she is now enjoying life.  Irene has a  passion for cooking, reading writing and photography.  She is an active member of University of the Third Age and attends several groups including Buddhist Thinkers, photography and creative writing.  On a recent retreat to Dhanakosa, which inspired her poem, Irene rediscovered her love of poetry and nature.





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