Podcasts of the Shedra teachings now available.

For those of you following Rinpoche’s commentary on the Bodhicharyavatara, we have now made these teachings available as a podcast. This means that you will be able to download all the past audio files and also keep up to date with new ones.

Click HERE to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Users of other tools can connect via the RSS feed: https://bodhicharya.org/blog/category/study/study-teachings/feed/

4 thoughts on “Podcasts of the Shedra teachings now available.”

  1. WOW thousands of grateful thanks! I just arrived in Sikkim and I was hoping for something like this to have in retreat. Good timing for me 😉 really this team is WONDERFUL for all means. I am usually full time too busy but I really hope I can do something to help you with the Shedra some day. SO, during my retreat now in Sikkim, I could do a transcription if you like, for exemple of the very next teaching? There is no connection up there, but as soon as I come to town Gangtok, i would send it to you. I can also translate into portuguese or french but I am very bad with technology and don’t know how to record my own voice? If you can say something to me tomorrow good? After tomorrow I go up there for at least 10 full days, so no connection. Love Yumma.

  2. Hi Rachel. Its not listed in the iStore. You just need to click the HERE link in the post above to subscribe to the iTunes podcast. The link is itpc://www.bodhicharya.org/blog/category/study/study-teachings/feed/ . That triggers your iTunes to subscribe to the feed. Does that work for you now?

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