Bodhicharya Meditation Center, Sikkim

Bodhicharya Meditation Center, Sikkim

The Bodhicharya Meditation Center is located in eastern Sikkim, about 1 hour drive from Gangtok, the state’s capital (visible in the photo above), and about 15 minutes from Rumtek Monastery, an important center of Tibetan Buddhist study and practice. The center is in a peaceful setting surrounded by forest and terraced gardens, about 1 km from the nearest road. Mountain peaks on the India-Tibet border are visible in the distance.

The Meditation Center is especially suitable for personal and group retreats, with single rooms for 16 guests, a shrine hall, yoga room, and a small library. Retreat is considered a precious opportunity to temporarily suspend one’s usual responsibilities and to reside in a more secluded and peaceful environment, adopting a simpler and perhaps healthier lifestyle.  In such a place, one is able to enter more deeply into a structured environment of prayer and meditation, which naturally leads the mind to become both broader and more peaceful, and to develop deep insights about our lives and condition.

Retreat should not be considered as an ‘escape’ from life, or a withdrawal from families, communities, or the world.  In the Buddhist tradition it is strongly emphasized that the purpose of such a break is to re-emerge into the world refreshed and re-inspired, having further developed the mind’s innate qualities of peacefulness and clarity, and deepened the heart’s innate capacity for empathy and compassion.  Accomplished practitioners become the living embodiment of enduring and sustained peace in an often tumultuous and conflicted world.


If you are interested in visiting the centre, please contact Pema Namgyal (Rinpoche’s brother), who operates the Pomra Hotel in Gangtok, and manages the Meditation Center.


Phone: +0091-3592-226648  or +0091-3592-203497
(11.5 hours ahead of MST)

Bodhicharya Meditation Center
c/o Pomra Hotel
Secretariat Road
Gangtok, Sikkim 737103 INDIA

More details regarding Travel and Facilities can been seen here

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