Rigul School

In early 2007, the new school buildings were completed. The school now comprises three classrooms, one room for the headmaster, one kitchen and one storage room. In the summer of 2007, works started for a building to house some of the teachers. Two free hot meals are offered daily to the school children and staff. It is of great help for many kids especially for those having to walk for an hour or more to reach the school.

In August 2007 the community was visited by some friends and students of Ringu Tulku to see how the work was progressing. Francois writes of the latest progress:

“The school is fantastic. It looks like a real school now. The main building has four rooms, three classrooms and a room for the headmaster (Riga). Then there is another building with two rooms for the kitchen and a storage room. they already started working on a new building to house a Chinese language and an English language teacher. I understood that the Chinese language teacher would be a Tibetan from Dege. The classrooms are well-equipped with tables, benches and a blackboard. The children are divided in three classes according to their level. The cooks (including Palyang) are doing very well. The food is very good. The girls and I enjoyed looking at the kids eating and having fun in the playground. They have around 65 kids attending school regularly, 24 girls among them. I got some accounts from Riga”.

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