Request for Mantras & Prayers for Lama Tsering Paljor

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Resident Lama at Bodhicharya Meditation Centre Rumtek, Sikkim

It is with heartfelt concern that we share this news with you about Lama Tsering Paljor, who is now facing some challenging decisions with choices of treatment for a serious health issue. Lama-la has been having medical investigations and consultations with hospital doctors and seeking alternative treatments with Tibetan doctors in Delhi.

We asked Ringu Tulku what prayers we could say for Lama, and Rinpoche responds with:

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“Please ask everybody to make Medicine Buddha mantras and dedicate for Lama Tsering Paljor, that’s the best. It’s not necessary to write a special prayer for his long life it’s much better to do usual prayers than to do something that’s composed specially for him, so ask Medicine Buddha mantras for Lama Tsering”

When Lama Tsering received some very tough news about his condition from doctors, Ringu Tulku said, “I explained everything to Lama, without holding back anything. He took it very well and is as calm as going for a picnic. Now it is up to him to decide what to do.”

Those of us who have had the privilege of meeting Lama Tsering will know that he radiates kindness, joy, devotion to the dharma and strength of spirit.

Please hold Lama Tsering Paljor in your prayers.

Thank you very much.


Medicine Buddha Mantra



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“Through … the practice of the Medicine Buddha … we not only achieve benefit for ourselves, but we are actually cultivating the potential to benefit others. And by doing these practices we actually bless the environment and all the beings in that environment.”

Thrangu Rinpoche


The Meaning of the Medicine Buddha Mantra

TAYATHA = Gone beyond (beyond Samsara and Nirvana)
OM = Om: jewel holder, wish fulfilling one, auspicious one. Sound of the universe.
BEKANDZE BEKANDZE = calling Medicine Buddha twice, to do away with the pain of illness.
MAHA BEKANDZE = Greatness of Medicine Buddha – to do away with the pain of illness – the darkness of Spiritual Ignorance.
RANDZE SAMU GATE =Perfectly liberated or awakened. My prayer shall go, go, go to the highest, the widest and the deepest.
SOHA = Dissolve in me. I now offer this prayer and relinquish it (to you Medicine Buddha)

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  1. Margaret Richardson

    Dear Lili,
    Thank you for your kind prayers for Lama la, if you wish to donate for Lama, visit click on Donate scroll down to the bottom and on the left hand side is a Donate button for the Resident Lama at Sikkim Retreat Centre. This will go for Lama’s treatments, travel and living costs

    Wishing you all good things
    Rigul Trust

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