Retreat in Oklahoma

Shantideva Retreat
Bodhicharya Oklahoma Buddhist Community 
Tulsa,Oklahoma USA
January 15, 2011; 8:30am-2pm. 
Contact immediately:  E mail for details: Jackie:    
Surrounding areas: OK; TX; AK; KS; Welcome!
A four hour Shantideva Retreat and Guided meditation.  Tulsa,Oklahoma., USA.    Previous study not required!  Beginners welcome. Retreat: Guided Meditations.   You will leave with: 1.explanation and review of texts  2. a deepened ability to  “hear” meaning of teachings.  3. skills how to “apply” what you learn to meditation in your own creative way.  We will examine Ringu Tulku’s role as a “Living Master” and examine our relationship with his teachings.    You will leave with the “big picture” of what this is about.  Our long time students jumped at this…we are the most intense relaxed place I know!  Rinpoche’s recommendation:  “Of course I go to Oklahoma. Why not?”  Thank you, Jackie    
Jacqueline Roemer
Director, Bodhicharya Oklahoma

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