Retreat with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche in Sikkim


at the Bodhicharya Retreat Centre, near Rumtek, Sikkim, India

Retreat: 29 October to 12 November 2010

Full itinerary: Arrive Gangtok 26 October. Depart Delhi 17 November (24 nights)

Retreat dates 29 October – 12 November are set.

Arrival and departure dates before and after retreat flexible.

It seems that everybody falls in love the moment they set eyes upon this extraordinary tranquil and beautiful haven, described as “one of the most powerful places for spiritual practices by Guru Padma Sambhava, who dubbed the area the Hidden Valley of Rice.” He predicted that it would not only remain untouched by the violence of a turbulent world, but that it would always keep true spiritual tranquillity.

The retreat starts on a most auspicious day: Lhabab Duchen: ‘Duchen’ means special time/festival/great occasion. ‘Lha ‘are gods and ‘bap’ means descend. The day the gods descend to earth!

The theme of the retreat will be Vajrasattva – the mantra and thread of purification of karmic seeds that run through most tantric practices. Ringu Tulku will give the empowerment to everyone. In addition we can get a blessing from Gyaltsab Rinpoche.

The retreat centre is very modern and beautiful: completed in 2005 with only one three-year retreat held there – ended on Losar this year. There are 16 single rooms, with every four rooms sharing a western style separate toilet and hot shower. Preferably we will have 16 retreatants, but some rooms could be doubled up. Thirteen people already signed up – so 3 places left.

While Sikkim offers much seduction and beauty, a paradise of nature, the retreat is the main focus in order to really benefit from the two short weeks with this wonderful Guru.

Itinerary: Arrive Delhi. One night at Florence Inn near great shopping bazaar.

Flight to Bagdogra. Drive though fabulous Teesta river pass (5 hours to Gangtok.)

Three nights in Chumbi Residence in Gangtok, clinging to the steep mountainside.

One day outing to Ralang Monastery to get blessing from awesome Gyaltsab Rinpoche, with time at Rumtek monastery and the Golden Shrine Room of the Karmapas. Typical Tibetan meal with friends inside walls of Rumtek.

Fourteen nights at Bodhicharya Retreat Centre – about one hour’s walk below Rumtek, set in a leafy forest on a mountainside looking east towards Gangtok and the Natula pass to Tibet.

Two nights in gracious Mount Pandim Hotel – at the foothills of majestic Kanchenjunga the 3rd highest Himalayan peak: genteel relaxing tranquility. Next to Pemayangtse Monastery – a living tantric art gallery.

Two nights in Darjeeling, the town of tea plantations, in elegant The Elgin – to start re-acclimatising to worldly things.

For full Sikkim itinerary and costs, please contact Erika in South Africa who is the tour leader at or Tel +27 21 786 5261

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