Rigul School Update

We wish to thank everyone for their kind hearted ongoing support and generous donations for the children and the school in Rigul, Kham, Tibet. Since the school was built in 2006, many children have benefited from an education, some going on to higher studies and becoming useful members of the community.

This progress is even more remarkable knowing that most people in the area for miles around are illiterate. The parents and the community are now witnessing the value and importance of education.

Very recently we received news that the government said some of the children had to go to a new government school, whereby many of them would only be able go home for the weekends because of the distance.

Now, at the request of the Rigul parents to the government authorities, 30 of these children will no longer have to go to the government school but continue their education at Rigul school.

Wishing everyone all the very best,

Rigul Trust

Image – Francois

1 thought on “Rigul School Update”

  1. van hoorn marlou

    Nice to read the good news and to see so many children who can study and enjoy in the school in Rigul together while living with their families, and have healthcare too. May they be well, happy and save. Is Southhampton in UK now also supporting these projects? That’ll be great. Tashi delek, from Holland, Marlou

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