Short video on Rigul School, Tibet

Francois Henrard has made this delightful video of some of the children and the school when he visited Rigul in October 2013.

We wish to thank everyone for their kind-hearted, ongoing support and generous donations for the children and the school in Rigul, Kham, Tibet. Since the school was built in 2006, many children have benefited from an education, some going on to higher studies and becoming useful members of the community. This progress is even more remarkable knowing that most people in the area for miles around are illiterate. The parents and the community are now witnessing the value and importance of education.

Rigul Trust funds the education of the children, the teachers’ and the cooks’ salaries, the text books and two free, hot school meals a day for all the children.

[wpcol_2third id=”” class=”” style=””]pupil-rigulTo make a donation to Rigul school and welfare projects please visit:

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.
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