Rigul Trust and the Kagyu Ngagzod Chenmo Kawang (Empowerment) in Sikkim

We wish to share with you the good news of how Rigul Trust and it’s dharma network was able to help and be part of this very auspicious Kagyu Ngagzod Chenmo Kawang (Empowerment) in Sikkim.

On Friday, the fifth of October, Ringu Tulku made an offering in the name of Rigul Trust to provide all the food and drink for one day for about a thousand people at this very auspicious empowerment by His Eminence the 12th Goshri Gyaltsab Rinpoche.

This money offered was by private sponsors who specifically contribute to a special designated dharma celebration events fund that is entirely separate from donations and sales given for our humanitarian health, education and poverty relief work.

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  1. How wonderful Margaret and all the sponsors! that is really great news. And also wonderful to see the images of the shrine room and Gyltsab Rinpoche. Thank you very much for doing this love Rahima

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