Rinpoche starts his travels and teaching in Europe

Rinpoche arrived safe and well in Munich yesterday 3 March to start his Spring teaching tour.  He will travel to 22 centres in 10 countries throughout Europe until the beginning of May.   You can see full details of his tour in his travel schedule page.  It’s hoped that many of you will be able to see and talk with Rinpoche at some time over the next couple of months and we look forward to receiving your news about this and anything else you would like to share with us.  You can send us news via the contact form and chose the ‘news’ option, or email the news editor at news@bodhicharya.org. Please also encourage others to subscribe to the news updates on our home page.   There is an additional subscription to news from Rinpoche on the Ringu Tulku page if you would like to receive updates direct from Rinpoche too.
Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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