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Dear Friends,

As many of you will already know, Rinpoche had undergone a series of medical tests while he was in Berlin in August. While Rinpoche’s health is generally very good it was discovered that he had gall stones and it was decided that he should have his gall bladder removed as soon as possible.  Rinpoche went on to finish his teaching tour, including travelling to the USA at the beginning of this month. He travelled back to Europe  from America on 8th September and is presently in Brussels where he will attend a meeting of the Karmapa Foundation.  He will travel to Berlin tomorrow and will have a check up at the hospital on 13th.  All being well, he will have his operation on 15th in Berlin.  Rinpoche will travel back to India as soon as his doctors are satisfied that he is well enough to do so.

Rinpoche would like to assure all his friends and students that he is fine and his operation will be performed by one of the most skilled and respected doctors in Berlin.  However, we know that many people will want to send their prayers and good wishes.  Lama Tsultrim from Bodhicharya France has already asked that we accumulate as many Medicine Buddha mantras as is possible.  These and other prayers will be most welcome.

We will try to keep everyone informed about how Rinpoche is and I’m sure that we will all take this opportunity to come together in sending him our love and very best wishes.

15 thoughts on “Rinpoche’s Health”

  1. All good wishes and love to our dear Rinpoche for his forthcoming op.
    Don’t worry folks, he’s guaranteed to feel much better without the stones and recovery is quite quick in these days of modern medicine.

  2. It’s wonderful that the day of his operation is also Medicine Buddha day. He could not be in better hands! May the operation be successful and his recovery quick and may he flourish in a long happy life and in the Dharma, and may we all be inspired for his benefit, and for the benefit of all beings. Om bekendze bekendze maha bekendze ratsa samudgate soha

  3. Dear Rinpoche, many prayers and strong wishes for a successful operation and swift recovery. I will perform Medicine Buddha practice as much as possible for you. You are in good hands and all will be well

  4. raquel garcia arroyo

    Dear Ringu Tulku:
    Everything is going to be ok!
    You´ll feel much better in 5 days.
    You´ll feel with new energy in 1 month.
    (I know for sure because I have my gallbladder removed years ago)

    Love, best wishes & good recovery.

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