A thank you message from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

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17th July 2012 – Bodhicharya Summer Camp, Braga, Portugal.

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3 thoughts on “A thank you message from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche”

  1. With some delay, happy birthday dear rimpoche from Anne and me!
    This video is just perfect. Every single word is meaningful and going straight to the heart. I hope the summer camp is nice and smooth and going well for everyone.
    With great love!!

  2. Happy Birthday Rinpoche. Thank you for all the kindness you have shown to us all for so long. Whatever our mood or state of mind you do not abandon us. You show us the way to love and be kind to one another. Thank you so very much. May we all practice dharma together successfully and happily for avery very long time. much love Rahima

    and thank you Wangdu for the beautiful book and posting this video up love rahima

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