A Travel Journal – Why Not

For all of those not currently on Summer Camp in Portugal, here is an online copy of the 60th birthday book given to Rinpoche. To view it at a larger size, just click on the icon with four arrows next to the Blurb logo.

Sometime, in the near future, we hope to put a student version together with more photos of Rinpoche and more text about the history of Bodhicharya. This will hopefully be a smaller, more affordable book than this large luxurious version! However, Rinpoche’s version of the book is for sale for those with deep pockets! Just click on the shopping cart icon above to purchase.

2 thoughts on “A Travel Journal – Why Not”

  1. paula proenca

    Thank you very much for making such a beautiful book, it reminds me the love and kindness of our dear lama and the many people he is helping walking through the path. May his enchanting smile be for long time among us, warming ours hearts and dispeling ignorance from ours views.
    With love

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