11 thoughts on “LAZY LAMA – More than a thousand days of meditation”

  1. Watch it again before june 20.

    On the dutch website itself it is suggested
    to embed it on one’s website
    it will be avaiable normaly till 10 days after broadcast
    so till 20.june

  2. Dear ger, it seems that it cannot be seen from Belgium. I receive a message in Dutche mentionning that it is not possible to see due to our geolocagion.
    Wish you all the best. Ines

  3. Some are more lucky and have seen it,ranging from New York to Singapore.
    Wether that is still possible somehow,I don’t know ?
    Do try it out:) goog luck

    1. Dear Ger
      thanks for all the advice but just to let you know that despite embedding etc, I get the same message as Ines in South Africa- what a pity that we can’t see it.Best wishes to all in the community.

  4. Hi All,

    The film was first viewable here where I live for a few days right after June 10th, but is not anymore. Instead, it now says in Dutch:

    “Het is niet toegestaan om deze aflevering vanaf uw huidige geografische locatie te bekijken.”

    I believe this is the same message Ines and others have been getting. Maybe it was first shown unrestricted but then it was restricted geographically.

    I hope this lovely film will be shown in other medias soon so everybody can watch it.


  5. van hoorn marlou

    Thank you to Rinpoche, the Bos-televion and everyone for this beautiful docu-film and congratulations to all the heroes-bodhisattas who build and did retreat in this beautiful retreat-monastery. Pray that many eyes and others can follow succesfully:) Tashi delek!

  6. I would love to see this film but sadly also cant get it through the link. I would be happy to buy the DVD but cannot read Dutch! I am wondering if there is an extremely benevolent Dutch person who could bring some DVDs to sell at the summercamp – maybe take orders first? (me,please)
    Lynda x

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