Bodhicharya Meditation Center, Sikkim now open for short term retreats.

You will be pleased to know that on Losar, the 14th February, the 3 year retreat in Bodhicharya Meditation Center, Sikkim will be completed which will now be open for short term retreats.

Wish you a wonderful Iron Tiger Year.
May all beings be kind to each other.

With love and prayers from
Ringu Tulku

15 thoughts on “Bodhicharya Meditation Center, Sikkim now open for short term retreats.”

  1. Hi,

    I was interested to know if it was possible to do a silent, solitary retreat at your centre for about five to nine days either towards the end of March or in April this year.

    Please could you let me know if this is possible and what the arrangements would be.

    Best Wishes
    Simon Fenley

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      We’re just getting up and running here at the website (in fact this is our first comment!), but I believe that the best thing to do would be to get in touch with Pema (Rinpoche’s brother).
      Phone: +0091-3592-226648, or +0091-3592-203497

      As you probably have seen, there are a few more details here.

      All the best.

  2. Pema Chalmers

    My friend and I are students of Rinpoche and would love to come to the retreat centre when/if Rinpoche ever leads a retreat there. Is this sort of retreat planned for the future? Would you please let me know? Also please put me on any email list that will inform me of any future planned retreats.
    Many thanks

  3. Dear Pema,

    There are no specific plans for a retreat in Sikkim lead by Rinpoche in the near future as far as I know.
    Best would be if you would subscribe to email news from this website to make sure you hear about plannend events.

    With best wishes

  4. I think a short retreat in Sikkim for students from Europe is something we could plan for and organise, I know that a group from South Africa are planning to go there in November this year. We can ask Rinpoche about this.
    Margaret Ford

  5. Hello everybody,

    I wish to inform all of you that from 15 of November untill 5 of december 2010 a Danza Duende retreat is being organised in Bodhichayra Meditation Center. We will hopefully fill the center and already many students have applied. Some already bought their airplane tickets so this workshop is on line now. Rinpoche will come a few times to teach to the students based on their questions about the mind training. If you are interested ( danza duende is about dance of life, not to learn how to dance! It is very strongly rooted in mind training through art) you can write to me for more informations. Love, Yumma Mudra ( Myriam Szabo)

  6. Hi Yumma Mudra. That sounds very interesting and a lot of students have been asking about retreats at the centre. If you send in some more details (and maybe an image or two) to , they could post an article on the main Bodhicharya home page. That will also go out in the email Newsletter. x

  7. There is now a section in the Forum where you can discuss all things regarding the Retreat Centre. We hope to have someone from the Retreat Centre join us to answer questions posted there. You can go directly to the Forum by clicking here

  8. Hello all, yes. go to the retreat center. The rooms are light, airy and perfect. An unusual bird sings all night long. The view from the retreat center extends into the Gangtok valley far into the mountains. One can take meals on several high roofs and watch the changing light. The yoga room is spacious. Every aspect is intimate and replenishing. In the afternoon, the wind picks up slightly and an orchestra of tall trees talking in the wind sway above rows and rows of prayer flags. From the road, one descends slowly and gently into quiet filtered light space with a new exquisitely built and painted Temple literally about ten steps away from the rooms. When you enter, the presence of the Buddha embraces. Salga painted the temple. I was just there in February to welcome the three year retreat people out of retreat and to witness the consecration of the Temple by H.H. Gyaltsup Rinpoche. I made a video that I’m refining and will post at some point . Thank you Rinpoche. Thank you Pema. Thank you to all of you. Jackie Roemer, usa. (director Bodhicharya Oklahoma Sangha)

  9. Dear Jackie, thank you for this wonderful piece of info regarding the meditation centre! I hope you don’t mind that I copy it on the forum discussion area. It will be more easily found there than here, since this news topic is not any more visible right on the frontpage. Thank you again!
    Love, Minna

  10. Hi,

    I was interested to know if it was possible to do meditation program at your centre for about 10 days in the month of either september or november 2011.

    I will be more than happy to know more about it and attend it.


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