Book signing at Samye Ling.

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Jet Mort captured these happy images to share with us showing Rinpoche signing the Chenrezig book in the shop with a queue of those waiting to get their book signed, those engrossed in reading the book and Bernie Hartley doing a sterling job as Rigul Trust ambassador for distributing the books.

We, have received so much positive feedback from this beautiful book – it is a complete practice book with the commentary and the sadhana. The sadhana contains the Tibetan script, the phonetics and the English translation.

Please click on this link for further delights of the book:

People are very surprised and very pleased to find that all of the money that they have paid for their book will go to supporting Rigul in Tibet – the monastery, the health clinic and the school. To think that the cost of one book will provide an education plus two hot meals a day at school for one child for one month – a win win situation – you buy the book and befriend a child in need at the same time – fits nicely with the practice of compassion.

The book came into being to commemorate the flourishing of Buddha Dharma in Ringu Tulku’s homeland of Rigul, Kham, Tibet where Rinpoche is still the Abbot of Rigul Monastery.

This book is available on-line at and at Samye Ling shop:

We wish to thank Samye Ling shop for selling this book and honouring Rigul Trust’s pledge that 100% of the proceeds will go to Rigul,Tibet.

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