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Corby Council agrees to ‘adopt’ Tibetan village

Corby Borough Council[News Update – 20 September 2013]

Corby in Northamptonshire has become the first council in the UK to ‘adopt’ a Tibetan village. On 19 September, Corby Council voted to ‘adopt’ Rigul village in eastern Tibet. Council members now plan to raise funds for health and education projects in Rigul, as well as highlighting the human and civil rights issues affecting the people of Tibet. Continue reading

Corby Council to vote on ‘adopting’ Tibetan village


Rigul, Kham, Tibet, Ringu Tulku’s birthplace, may become the first Tibetan village to be adopted by a UK town. Here is a report from the Tibet Society of a meeting in Corby on the 11th September, that Margaret Richardson, trustee of Rigul Trust, attended and gave a presentation of how Rigul Trust helps in Tibet.

Corby in Northamptonshire could become the first council in the UK to ‘adopt’ a Tibetan village. Tibet Society have supported the plans which will help to highlight the human and civil rights issues in Tibet. The council will vote on the motion on Thursday 19 September.

The motion, proposed by the Jean Addison, Deputy Leader of Corby Council, proposes the ‘adoption’ of the remote village of Rigul in Kham (now incorporated into Sichuan province). The initiative is similar to twinning, however this process requires no funding nor does it require the involvement of the Chinese government. Continue reading

Rigul Trust Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We hope that you are well and joyful.

We are very grateful, appreciative and rejoice at the kindness, generosity and help given to Ringu Tulku’s enlightenend projects through Rigul Trust and bring you news of Rigul, Kham, Tibet with this edition of the Trust 2013 Newsletter.

There are regular updates on Bodhicharya Communities Rigul Trust page, Rigul Trust blog www.rigultrust.wordpress.com and information on www.rigultrust.org.

Wishing you all the very best.

Be happy, be joyful, go well,

Margaret Richardson
Trustee of Rigul Trust

Daily life in Rigul by Shannon Lui

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Dear Friends,

As many of you will know, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche was born in Rigul, Kham , Tibet, and he is still the Abbot and director of Rigul monastery. Through many difficult years, Rinpoche has had to operate from afar, in a position of exile in India. Students, friends and family worldwide have helped Rinpoche to realise his dream of restoring his monastery, the teaching shedra, providing a health clinic and school for all the people of Rigul and for people coming from many miles around.

Here is a very moving account of daily life in Rigul by Shannon Lui, who visited Rigul last October. Continue reading

Rigul Trust and the Kagyu Ngagzod Chenmo Kawang (Empowerment) in Sikkim

We wish to share with you the good news of how Rigul Trust and it’s dharma network was able to help and be part of this very auspicious Kagyu Ngagzod Chenmo Kawang (Empowerment) in Sikkim.

On Friday, the fifth of October, Ringu Tulku made an offering in the name of Rigul Trust to provide all the food and drink for one day for about a thousand people at this very auspicious empowerment by His Eminence the 12th Goshri Gyaltsab Rinpoche.

This money offered was by private sponsors who specifically contribute to a special designated dharma celebration events fund that is entirely separate from donations and sales given for our humanitarian health, education and poverty relief work.

Season’s Greetings and Wishing you a Happy New Year from the Rigul Trust team

Thank you so much for all your donations, service, advice and help throughout 2011.

With all of us working together internationally through Rigul Trust, this year has brought funding for:

  • 40,000  hot meals for sixty children at Rigul school for one year funded by Rigul Trust.
  • 10,000 patients, approximately, have received health care, with Rigul Trust funding the advanced running costs of the health clinic, the salaries of Dr. Chuga, Ani Choden the nurse and Karma Tsisha, the doctor’s assistant, at Rigul Health clinic, Tibet.
  • 5 teachers and 3 cooks in Rigul have received salaries funded by Rigul Trust.
  • Sikkim earthquake victims receiving appropriate help through everyone’s generosity through Rigul Trust.

Chenrezig – ‘The Practice of Compassion’
a commentary by Ringu Tulku.

This is a Rigul Trust publication which  will see 100% of the money that people have given for this book going to Ringu Tulku’s monastery, and the health clinic and school in Rigul, Tibet.

We thank everyone who has worked tirelessly  for Rigul Trust and volunteered to sponsor 100% of all expenses, including the production of the Chenrezig book.

The three of us trustees have promised Rinpoche to do our best and continue raising awareness and funds for the health clinic, Doctor, nurse, assistant, 60 school children, 5 teachers, 3 cooks and the Khenpo’s salary in Rigul – for this, approximately £25,000 or 28,000 euros will be needed for 2012 for  very, very basic poverty relief.  This is not allowing for repairs, maintenance, perceived needs or urgent requests and ever rising costs of raw materials in China.

We look forward to working together in 2012 and welcome you to join with us and help Ringu Tulku Rinpoche with his health, education and poverty relief projects in his birthplace of Rigul, Kham, Tibet. Rinpoche is the abott of Rigul monastery.

Be happy, be joyful, go well,

The Rigul Trust team.

Rigul Trust Update

Patron: Ringu Tulku Rinpoche


Dear Friends,

Sikkim Earthquake

We would like to thank everyone for their generosity in giving to the Sikkim Earthquake Relief Fund. The finer details of the distribution of this fund is work in progress with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche working on this in Sikkim at the moment. The roads in Northern Sikkim are not yet open.

Rinpoche travelling to Jakarta and Singapore.

Rinpoche tells us:

“I am invited to give a keynote address at the 7th Global Buddhist Conference at Jakarta and then a week long teaching at Singapore. I will be leaving Gangtok on the 7th.”

In Singapore, Rinpoche will be giving a teaching on Chenrezig. It is with great joy that we have managed to ship copies of the Chenrezig book, by Ringu Tulku, to Singapore costing ‘an arm and a leg’ (ie. very expensive!). This is a service to the Dharma and Dharma is paramount in this situation. Pat Murphy is receiving these and will be an ambassador for Rigul Trust for raising awareness and funds for Ringu Tulku’s homeland, his monastery, the health clinic and school in Rigul, Tibet.

Continue reading

Rigul Trust Newsletter, Autumn 2011

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share with you the news about Rigul, Tibet and the ways that your very generous donations are giving on going support to some of the survivors of the 2010 earthquake in Yushu. This money is from the special appeal that we had for the earthquake last year – a designated fund.

Please don’t miss clicking on the Rigul Trust video clip with Ringu Tulku talking about Rigul, Tibet and Rigul Trust in the Newsletter.

Continue reading

Rigul Trust Sikkim Earthquake Relief Work Fund

A devastating EARTHQUAKE of 6.9 in Sikkim and parts of northern India last week has been followed by 50 further after-shocks of up to 3.9 and has caused terrible destruction to buildings, loss of life and injuries, and closed roads challenge rescue efforts. The death toll is now 130 people but many more bodies are trapped in the rubble of buildings.

The remoteness of much of this underdeveloped mountainous region and road closures from land slips has made it a very difficult task to get any help to the region and 9 villages are still completely cut off. With rescue teams facing difficulties to reach some far-flung quake-hit areas in Sikkim, hundreds of survivors are trekking out of their cut-off villages, crawling sometimes to negotiate dangerous stretches where landslides and heavy rain have loosened huge boulders which have come down the mountainsides. Entire areas are cut off because of landslides – and more often than not people are without clean water, adequate food supplies, medicine and telephone contact with the outside world. Sikkim’s hospitals have seldom been so full.

We, at Rigul Trust, have offered Rinpoche help with setting up an appeal for the earthquake in Sikkim. Rinpoche wishes this to be called the Sikkim Earthquake Relief Work Appeal.

Disaster Relief by Rigul Trust

In the last two years we have set up two emergency appeals, one for the survivors of the Yushu earthquake 2010 and one for the Ladakh flood disaster last year where we supported the relief work that Khenpo Rangdol, Principal of Kagyu College, Dehradun was in charge of. 100% of all donations went to these projects. We also helped fund emergency relief work in Yushu province of Tibet and now we have an ongoing sponsorship programme for 14 little children who were orphaned as a result of Yushu earthquake. We sent money for the buying and distribution of barley.

And in Ladakh we sent money for emergency relief and the reforestation of trees. Khenpo Rangdol went to Ladakh, oversaw the projects and distributed the money.

This is background information for you to know that all of what we do is overseen by Rinpoche, 100% of your donations gets to the targeted projects. We are extremely careful with whom we deal with and Rinpoche always has the last say.


To donate to the Sikkim Earthquake Relief Work Appeal

100% of all donations sent through this secure PayPal site will go to the Sikkim Earthquake Relief Work. PayPal accepts all currencies.


An email from Rinpoche this evening 23rd September from Kathmandu:

Dear Margaret,
Maybe this is the time to help. There are lots of destruction. Even Rumtek Shedra’s new building is badly cracked. There was one earthquake last night and one today afternoon and destroyed at least one building in Gangtok. Lots of schools are destroyed fully. Many monasteries are also badly damaged. We do not get any news from tv and radio any more. Rain is still pouring.
Ringu Tulku

For more news on the Sikkim Earthquake see:


Celebration of Rigul Trust’s 3rd Anniversary.

Offerings on Buddhist Festivals.

We are joyfully celebrating three years of Rigul Trust with suggestions for beautiful offerings that will accumulate merit in order to bring great benefit to the welfare of all beings.

By way of expressing heart felt gratitude to Ringu Tulku, Ani Sherab is dedicating her practice to Rigul Trust on each of the upcoming major Buddhist Festivals (when actions are many thousand times more powerful) and making an offering of £108. Continue reading