Shrine Room Project

Building Bodhicharya Berlin

Bodhicharya Berlin has been building up the centre for many years and we need your help NOW to complete this auspicious project founded by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and blessed by H.H. the 17th Karmapa during his first visit in June 2014. His apartment as well as the main temple is now under construction. Click here

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The ‘Viktualienmarket-Buddha’ comes from Munic to Berlin

Bodhicharya Berlin has adopted a 3.49 m high Buddha statue, the meanwhile quite famous “Viktualienmarket-Buddha”. This art installation by the Malayan artist Han Chong “Made in Dresden” is part of a series of art projects in Munic. The London based artist, himself a Buddhist, has created a Buddha statue in the lotus position, deliberately laid

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Back in Berlin

After his US tour, Rinpoche is back in Europe and returned to Berlin on Monday May 6th, 2013. He taught at Rigpa for one night and then spent three days in Bodhicharya. At his “home” in Berlin, Rinpoche gave teachings on Karma in a fully packed gompa. He had lunch with the sangha. Meetings were

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