Rigul Trust Disaster Fund


Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and Rigul Trust have been asked to help a village in very remote Nepal, near the Tibetan border which is now only accessible by helicopter. There are 200 nuns and staff in urgent need of shelter, food and medicines. The monastery and nunnery there have been completely destroyed by the earthquake.

The monsoon rains will be arriving within the next few weeks and there is urgent need to get provisions, tents, sheds, food and medicines to them.

Rigul Trust has a Disaster/Emergency Fund at with a Donate page. Any help you can give then them would be of such great benefit..

Some nuns were buried under the rubble, some were injured and one died. The cost of hiring a helicopter is very expensive and only takes 4 to 5 people to help rebuild their community in this emergency situation.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

With best wishes and great gratitude on behalf of Ringu Tulku and the trustees at Rigul Trust,

Margaret Richardson – – Tel:+44 (0)23 8046 2926

Patron: Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
UK registered charity no.1124076

Remembering Lama Tsering Paljor

Lama Jawo 3Sad news came today of the death of Lama Tsering Paljor yesterday in Tibet. Lama La was resident monk at the Bodhicharya Meditation Centre in Sikkim, and any who spent time there with him discovered a very special person, an absolute joy and inspiration to be around.

He constructed the fire house on the roof for smoke offerings, and every morning at dawn he’d light the brush and incense, and recite mantras and protector prayers to greet the day. We hardly noticed that he spoke no English and his method of getting to know us came via a really well worn photograph album with photos of himself taken through his lifetime, in Tibet, and during seven years on retreat in Pharping, Nepal, as a chödpa, long hair, damaru and kangling in hand. Continue reading

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Visits Bodhicharya Berlin.


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On the sunny morning of June 6, 2014 , the Karmapa and his entourage drove down Kinzigstrasse in the former East Berlin to pay a visit to the Bodhicarya center, founded by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.  The wood fence lining the street outside the center is decorated with colorful drawings of the eight auspicious symbols, which lead up to the main gate. Its doors are opened wide to reveal a vista of the countryside hidden in this corner of Berlin. Winding paths lined with grasses and flowers wend their way past red brick, single-story buildings to the tall meditation hall at the back of the property. On top are special rooms for the Karmapa including a balcony with a view of the gardens and the surrounding area. Continue reading

Registrations for the 2014 Bodhicharya Summer Camp are now open!

Registration is now open for the 2014 Bodhicharya Summer Camp in Portugal. This year’s camp is from the 14th – 20th July.

Rinpoche will continue his teaching on ‘Mahamudra: The Moonlight – Quintessence of Mind and Meditation’ composed by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal (1512-1587), a brilliant scholar and accomplished meditator of the Kagyu tradition.

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Back in Berlin

After his US tour, Rinpoche is back in Europe and returned to Berlin on Monday May 6th, 2013. He taught at Rigpa for one night and then spent three days in Bodhicharya.

At his “home” in Berlin, Rinpoche gave teachings on Karma in a fully packed gompa.



He had lunch with the sangha.




Meetings were also held to prepare the annual general assembly that took place on May 8th, to organise fundraising and to plan the next winter retreat to be held in Bodhicharya Berlin in February 2014.


After Berlin, Rinpoche will travel to Hamburg, Vienna and Huttenried before flying back to India. The Summer leg of his European tour will start in Southampton on June 15th 2013. See Rinpoche’s travel schedule for more details.

Berlin Shrine Room Fundraising Project

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Dear Friends,

Today I am asking you all to try and do the best you can to help Berlin Bodhicharya install heating and insulation systems to the already completed main shrine room in Berlin.

Over the past 9 years Berlin Bodhicharya have devised successful strategies to raise over €2.2 million in donations from the German state, charitable institutions, generous private donors and sangha members. Due a combination of situations which were compounded by the global financial crisis unless Berlin Bodhicharya is able to raise at least €100K by October 2012 they will not be able to use the main shrine room for quite sometime.

I do understand that everyone else is also living in difficult financial times, but I appeal to you to consider doing what you can do to help this project now, for three main reasons.  Firstly, the completed shrine room in the Berlin centre would help us fulfill our three main objectives; healing, helping and harmony. There is a well established outreach facility already in the Berlin centre and a completed shrine room would strengthen the resolve of those helping the terminally ill. Secondly,  the completed shrine room would be the spiritual heart of the Berlin centre where the existing harmony amongst the sangha would be consolidated. Finally, when HH the 17th Karmapa is able to visit us in Europe, as his official personal representative in Europe, I would very much like to invite him to a completed shrine room in Berlin.

We are all part of the wider Bodhicharya family and in these financially difficult times any donation from you would be especially welcome.  To help this project please click on the link below which shows how you can help both as an individual or as a group acting together.


Ringu Tulku Rinpoche