Celebration of Rigul Trust’s 3rd Anniversary.

Offerings on Buddhist Festivals.

We are joyfully celebrating three years of Rigul Trust with suggestions for beautiful offerings that will accumulate merit in order to bring great benefit to the welfare of all beings.

By way of expressing heart felt gratitude to Ringu Tulku, Ani Sherab is dedicating her practice to Rigul Trust on each of the upcoming major Buddhist Festivals (when actions are many thousand times more powerful) and making an offering of £108.

Ani-la is inviting us all, as part of Rinpoche’s mandala worldwide, to have fun by coming together where ever we are on these auspicious days, offering whatever we can joyfully using the auspicious number 108.


17th May – The Buddha reveals the Kalachakra Teachings
9 June – Birth of Buddha Sakyamuni at Lumbini
15 June – Enlightenment and Parinirvana
3 August – Teaching of the Four Noble Truths
13 August – Buddha’s entry into Mother’s womb
22 February – 7 March 2012 – Losar and the following fourteen days

(taken from Kagyu Samye Ling Diary)

This inspiring anniversary offering allows all of us to join in with the great spirit of belonging to one family worldwide, dedicating whatever practice we do and giving what we can on the Festival Days to Rigul Trust and to its’ continued success in supporting so many worthwhile projects.
We may like to do this individually or in a group making offerings, generating the merit and dedicating it to the welfare of all beings.

We will announce each of these Buddhist Festivals as they approach.

Rigul Trust 3rd Anniversary Celebration begins with the first of these Buddhist Festivals, The Buddha reveals the Kalachakra Teachings,
on Tuesday 17th May.

Offering to Rigul Trust of the day’s practice:
£108 or euros; £10.80 or euros; £1.08 or euros.

Please send a note of your offerings of Dharma Practice to dharma@rigultrust.org

Please send your offerings of money for Rigul Trust’s health, education, poverty relief and environmental projects by visiting: www.rigultrust.org and click on the donate page for how to pay by cheque, Paypal or direct bank transfer. If you are a UK taxpayer there are Gift Aid forms available for downloading on the donate page too. This would enable Rigul Trust to claim 25% back from tax you have paid.

We will keep you updated on the website.

May all beings be safe
May all beings be happy
May all beings be peaceful
May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature

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