Rinpoche travels home to India

Rinpoche finishes his Spring teaching tour in Moscow today, 13 June, and travels home to India.  From Moscow, Rinpoche wrote: ‘About 100 people took refuge and they are all very excited’

In Russia they have also published Rinpoche’s Mind Training book and plan to publish Daring Steps towards Fearlessness by the end of this year.  They also want to publish more of his books in the future. While he was in Moscow, a documentary was made about Rinpoche which should be ready in about a month.   We don’t yet know if it will be widely available.

Rinpoche would like to thank all the people in the centres and groups in Europe who hosted him and worked so hard to make his visits so successful.   He is looking forward to seeing many of  his friends and students again in the Summer.

Rinpoche’s  Summer teaching schedule can be found at https://bodhicharya.org/ringu-tulku/schedule/

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