In memory of Marion Knight

Marion died suddenly on 29th April. She was a valued member of the Bodhicharya publications team. We wish to share two beautiful poems that Marion wrote whilst on retreat at Bodhicharya Meditation centre in 2010 and also Ringu Tulku’s message:

“I am sad to hear the news of the sudden demise of Marion Knight. She had so much to do but still wanted to help. This is another reminder to us all that life is uncertain and we need to appreciate our life and live each day as well as we can. I pray for her smooth transition and good rebirth. I also pray and wish well for all her family and friends with whom we remember her together.”

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The Light of Empowerment

esoteric sky dancer
your subtle trajectory
arching across
the timeless space
of my mind’s eye

oh! rainbow warrior!
your shining orb
showering jewelled
atoms of light
in a glorious display
of transformation…

and your after-image
lingers, illuminating
my mind-stream,
hanging like incense
in the clear night sky

Dakini Sky Dancer
Inspired by a shooting star
Bodhicharya Retreat Centre
31 Oct 2010

Written by Marion during the Sikkim retreat 2010 to read to Ringu Tulku on the last day.

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Of Heavenly Skyscapes

landsliding into vibrant verdant
waterfalls of heart-flooding synergy
tear-cleansing eye-running colours
of light dissolving into thunderous
ear-roaring rivers overflowing
onto shallow banks strewn
with monumental boulders
gravestones of abandonment
impermanence washed downstream
on a short history of ideas
flotsam ghosts are we
crossing bridging suspending
the rushing waters of thought
entering into the stillness
of the hidden cave
encountering the void
as the mind.


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  1. Thank you for the poems and Rinpoches letter. Prayers and skydancer’s love for Marion. I never met her now I read her poems and remember of the retreat center and of life and death. hug, Yumma.

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