Lama Riga of Rigul School passed away

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Dear all,

I have to inform you that Lama Riga who was in-charge of Rigul School passed away around 5 pm local time on 9th January 2012. He had a stroke and died suddenly.

Lama Riga was the main drive for the establishment and running of the Rigul School. He requested me to build a school when I went there in 2005 and promised me that he will do whatever needs to be done for it as long as he has life in his body. Since then he literally single handedly (he had only one arm as he lost his right arm in an accident) built the school and ran it till now. He took all kinds of responsibilities to rebuild and run the Rigul Monastery since the monastery was allowed to be re-established. Rigul Monastery have lost a very good monk and a very responsible and dedicated person in Lama Riga. The monastery is doing the usual practices for him and all are requested to dedicate some good thoughts and prayers for this simple and dedicated monk.

Khenpo Karma Senge assured me that the monastery is committed to continue to run the school as best as they could and make it even better. Since the school was his dream project I think it would be the best tribute to him to try to make the school continue and to develop it even further. Many children have already been benefitted by the school and all the people in and around Rigul appreciate and thank all who helped to build and run the school. I take this opportunity to thank all those who helped Rigul Trust in UK, Rigul Foundation in Belgium and the team led by Margaret Ford who helped to establish the school and the clinic at Rigul.

With Best wishes,

Ringu Tulku

4 thoughts on “Lama Riga of Rigul School passed away”

  1. This is very sad. My condolences to everyone. I didn’t know Lama Riga, but his passing away has touched my heart and made me more aware of the impermanence of life and that we really have to do our best now and not postpone good things for later. My best wishes to Rigul and to everybody involved in working for the good future of the school and other projects.

  2. I am aware how close to Ringu Tulkus heart this project is , and although i did not personally know Lama Rigu , one can see from the photos how well he held the project together and gave the young people hope for their future in learning for themselves , and also his good work in setting up the health aspects in providing medicines and care , where ther were none before . In his quite and unassuming manner he got on with the jobs in hand and helped creat a good foundation for who ever follows in his place to carry on the good work , prayers and best wishes to Lama Rigu and all connected with him with all best wishes Eric

  3. van hoorn marlou

    Even though Rigul, the environment and the climate seems to me, to be tuff, rather hard
    to survive, the people on the photos are lovely and smiling. Together with help of Rinpoche and Bodhicharya sangha they achieved so much and all the projects, the school, the medical house are so well build and organized. The passing of Lama Riga must be a great loss for his family, friends, students and of course RTR and the sangha too, which I thank you for sharing and also my prayers are with you all. Especially with the the kind lama who have done so much to help the young ones to learn and study. We can all recite the ‘mani-mantra’ which is in the Chenrezig booklet for him. His good work for the school is a wonderful accomplishment, of course, and with all of you I hope and pray that Rigul, the school, all other projects may flourish more and more and help more and more people in Tibet. I wish you all courage and endurance for that. With love on this special Valentine-day and sincere greetings from Holland, Marlou

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