Live webcast teaching with His Holiness Karmapa

His Holiness Karmapa will address a teaching to the Kagyu sanghas and his students in Europe on Thursday, May 27th 2010 via a Live Webcast.

The site Living The Dharma ( ) will host the Live Webcast of His Holiness. That means this is the site on which you can follow the teaching of The Karmapa.

The teaching will take place starting from 11:30PM India Time (6:00 PM GMT , 7:00 PM BST, 8:00 PM CEDT, and 9:00 PM EEDT). His Holiness will be teaching in Tibetan and live English translation will be provided by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.

There will be the possibility to download the teaching from this site at the end of the webcast.

May Karmapas activities appear in all its splendour!

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