Rigul Trust Financial Resume April 2009 to April 2010

Dear Friends,

So very many people are helping with Ringu Tulku’s projects through Rigul Trust. People are helping in so many ways – ideas, donations, graphic design, translating, spreading the news of Rigul Trust on email lists, websites, blogs, hand crafted goods for sale, fund raising events and many other ways. For all of this Ringu Tulku and the trustees are deeply grateful.

We have now formulated our provisional financial resume which includes so many people’s generosity. We are so pleased that we can share this with you in this electronic age and try to reach everyone who has made and is making Rigul Trust such a thriving, active service for those people who receive the benefits in Rigul, Tibet -Sikkim, India – Dehra Dun, India and all those who have bought Dharma CD/DVDs of the London teachings.

And since this resume was compiled, are helping with the Yushu Earthquake Appeal. Our financial statement next year will include the full amount given to the Earthquake Appeal for the survivors of Yushu.

Please feel free to forward this message and financial resume on email lists, website, blogs etc to enable all those who have helped and contributed know how their money is being used. Every penny, every cent of all donations goes to the projects, o% admin and costs.

Thank you all so very much.

Wishing everyone the very best.

Margaret Richardson

Rigul Trust Financial Resume

April 2009 to April 2010

Thank you so much to everyone who has been generous with their time and donations in supporting the trust over the last year. Through these wonderful efforts over £21,000 has been raised this year, and another £4,417 reclaimed in tax rebate.

Rigul, Kham, Tibet ‐ School & Clinic.

We have been able to send a total of £20,632 to the school and health clinic in Rigul. This has paid for the salaries of 5 teachers at the school, for 3 cooks and for hot meals twice a day for all the children there. The playground has now been cemented, and blankets provided for the dormitory. The school is growing in numbers, and currently serves a hundred children, so they are now asking for help with funds for more equipment. At the health clinic, we have paid for the salaries of Doctor Chuga, his assistant Karma Tsisha, and nurse Ani Choden, as well as running costs for the year. About 25 patients a day receive treatments , which are provided free of charge for the poor and for the monks. Khenpo Sheng Gen visited Rigul in 2009 and passes on the following message from all the people there ‐“we really appreciate your help and good intention.”

Ling Gesar School in Dehra Dun

We have been able to extend our help to a school in Dehra Dun, India, serving the settlement of Tibetans in exile as well as the local Indian community. In September we sent out a second payment of £3,161 to complete the building of two new classrooms. These were finished within budget, and remaining funds were used for repairs around the school following the monsoon season. Another £4,080 was sent out in December to pay for the salaries of the teachers for one year.

Himalayan medicinal plant project – Sowa Rigpa (Tibetan Medicine)

We have sent out a total of £2,794 to support the new project growing medicinal Himalayan plants at Ringu Tulku’s meditation centre in Sikkim. Rahima has been working hard to establish the garden, researching and experimenting with three main herbs initially – Ruta, Manu and Tikta. They have been asking for help with purchasing a cow to provide a free source of organic fertiliser.

Dharma Publishing

Through the generosity of private sponsors, we have been able to fund a couple of publishing projects, with the twin benefits of spreading the dharma and of raising awareness and funds for Rigul Trust. CDs and DVDs of some of Ringu Tulku’s teachings are available, with 100% of the purchase price going to fund projects in the field. Work is also underway on printing a book of Ringu Tulku’s commentary on a Chenrezig sadhana.

Gift aid

Thanks to everyone who has completed a gift aid form. Through this scheme we were able to reclaim £4,417 in tax rebate from the previous financial year’s donations. If you are giving donations to the trust, either as a one‐off or as regular payments, do please take the time to fill out a gift aid form so that we can continue to claim this money back.

Download the Resume as an attachment here

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