A Cure for Insomnia




garden of the mind

A Cure for Insomnia

Everyone should have a garden in the mind
that they can tend when sleep evades them
and the slow hours stick in the night.
You have only to close your eyes to see,
waiting for you, a green lawn, daisy-flecked;
a corner where pink clover sends its scent to the bees.
You can stand gazing, sit or lie and feast and hear
a robin sing and seeking further,
in silent movement, you’ll part the leaves above,
and sight the instrument
to wonder at such volume from this tiny throat.

You are not sleeping yet? Enter the tool shed,
rest there in peace and dream
of seeds unplanted. Take your spade,
survey and choose a plot then turn the soil,
hearing the iron delve at each firm thrust.
Fall into the rhythm of your breath,
watch the brown earth form, into a fertile square
beneath your hand and dream that the land lies fallow.


I decided to be a writer at the age of eleven.  Life intervened and although I kept writing and had poems published in for instance, Chapman and New Writing Scotland, it was not until last year that I published my first novel, a detective story called ‘Ivory’ and was commissioned to write a play about the history of Brodick castle for the National Trust for Scotland.  This year NTS commissioned another play to commemorate WW1 on Arran and this was performed very successfully at the Community Theatre, Lamlash.

I live in Whiting Bay, am married to the painter Nicky Gill. We have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.



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