Toronto: Autumn Sky

Autumn has turned into spring.  In our tiny garden at the front of the house, flowers are blooming again, the hedges are still growing and a warm wind blows through the trees in the park across the road.

In this edition, there are some new contributors.  Anne Katrin-Voss writes about her experience of how compassion can suddenly evolve when faced with an emotionally-charged incident.  Annette Tamuly Jung recounts her decision to change her lifestyle by joining a dharma community in France led by Lama Sherab Namdreul.  And Lynda Miller and Cicely Gill have contributed to the fictional stories and poetry sections  respectively.

Finally, all who knew Lama Tsering Paljor were saddened by his recent death and he will be remembered as a kind and gentle friend.

Submissions can be themed on the factual as well as the fictional.  Please submit articles for consideration by Wednesday of each week

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Compassion Can Change a Man by Anne Katrin-Voss

Oasis of Long Life by Annette Tamuly Jung


A Slice of Samsara by Lynda Miller


A Cure for Insomnia by Cicely Gill

Non-Hatred by Bikkhu Nanamoli

The Horses by Edwin Muir

Perspective by Maeve O’Sullivan


Language and That from Not the Best of Tom Shields


Lama Tsering Paljor by Yeshe

Pumpkin Achar by Indra Majapuria


Winter Walk in Vogrie Park by Yeshe





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