by Jaiya John 


THERE IS A CHALICE from which all souls may freely drink. It is called Joy. It is filled with Love and Compassion, yes, and also with those subtler tonics of Laughter, Humor, Levity. It brims with Hope and Faith, Truth and Honesty, Nakedness and Humility. It is rich with Honor and Grace, Kindness and Tenderness, Gentleness and Caring. Joy listens compassionately, without judgment. Joy speaks Lovingly, with a tongue of blessing. Joy is sweeter than sugar, truer than ideas, fortified with the passionate spark of life.


Joy is so much more than happiness. To be joyful is to be most fully, absolutely alive. Be assured that Joy is the radiance of Love. Love’s very persona is Joyfulness. Joy is the residue of your daily choices to live. It is not enough to endure life. We must en-joy life. Which means, to infuse life with joyfulness. Purposefully. Intentionally. Willfully. Joy is not passive. It is active. Activate your effervescence. Ignite your embers. Tend the fire of your Joy.


As you make Love, make Love joyfully. As you sleep, sleep joyfully. Wake with joy in your eyes. Grieve openly, with Loved ones, in Joy’s comforting embrace. Joy resides inside beautiful memories even as it honors painful ones. It chooses to live in a house of Hope and Faith and Promise.


May your Cup of Joy, so overflowing and illuminated, satiate many thirsts. May it be Holy, Sacred, Divine. May you pour it out always, to all souls, and unto yourself. Joy resurrects Beauty. It breathes life into Passion’s Flower. The Light of your life wears a jewelry. That jewelry is Joy.



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