Mrs Malaprop

  • His house was insulated at the top of a hill.

  • On a holiday in Pompeii: You know the place where the saliva runs down the mountain.

  • I went through it with a fine tooth pick.

  • He’s had two runs at the cherry.

  • The rose is always redder on the other side of the fence from here.

  • It was like a red herring to a bull.

  • He had another kick at the cherry.

  • Above and beyond the call of nature.

  • Her boyfriend does judo.  In fact, he’s a black dan.

  • She predicted bad weather because of all the icy-bars on the map.

  • She wanted to marry an edible bachelor.

  • The US senator who declared his opposition to setting up a nuclear suppository in his state.

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  1. […] Dickens’ character Mrs Malaprop has lent her name to many mistakes made in the English Language.  Here are a few – Malapropagation. […]

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