Shrine for losar

So here we are having arrived safely in 2014 according to the western calendar. Of course, there is still the Tibetan new year to look forward to on March 3, the transition from the year of the water snake to the year of wood horse.  For me, that is an exiting time when special dishes are made:  khapsi, ghutuk, mo mos; and of course the salt butter tea which is definitely an acquired taste but so warming in the winter months. Oh well, meanwhile it’s porridge oats for breakfast.

In this edition we have an interesting piece of writing by Nougaro Saint Sernin known to some of you as Jet:  Guess Who!

Then there is a piece I wrote earlier about my experience with learning the Nepali language:  Learning a Language.  I rememer trying to learn Hebrew when I was at school and I had such a difficult time because it never really became part of my experience, only an exercise in memorising words for things.  Learning Nepali gave me a valuable insight into how a language should be learned.

The film  Blue Poppy by Sitar Rose is a well-crafted documentary to follow on from her previous submission, Fulfilling the Vision, a wonderful account of the horticultural efforts in Tibet to save valuable, medicinal plants that have been overharvested.

Ernie Buck’s account of his journey by cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats, Ernie’s End to End is entertaining in that we are armchair travelers and do not have to make the arduous journey the length of Great Britain.  Ernie has circumnavigated the globe on his cycle but we’ll revisit that epic journey another time.

In the Poetry Section, Margaret Ford has submitted two highly intersting pieces that combine variations in font, colour and overlaid images. They don’t have titles but you can link to them on Poetry by Margaret Ford.  These are meditative poems on  love.

Lastly, Jaiya John’s Meditation:  In a House of Stone brings us back to our selves and the mindfulness that is within us all.


flower 1

Photo by Jet


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