Launching The Ringu Tulku Archive

By wangdu on Aug 29, 2017 05:13 pm

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of The Ringu Tulku Archive.

This website will become a repository for all of the teachings given by Venerable Ringu Tulku Rinpoche that have been recorded since January 1990 when, at the invitation of students and friends, he first began to travel in the West. He has given countless teachings during that time, on all levels and on all kinds of topics, according to whatever is requested and whoever is listening. The range of topics is immense and varied, interesting for newcomers to Dharma as well as long term students. Rinpoche’s command of the English language means the teachings are given and received with incredible ease – as if, he often says, “I’m chatting with friends while on my holidays”. Even repeated requests for the same topic are responded to with a wonderful freshness and delivered as if for the first time. He has said that what we are receiving through these Dharma teachings is very, very rare and there are actually very few places in the world, even in Tibet, that this level of instruction is given.

What an extraordinary opportunity.

The majority of those teachings were recorded and we are currently uploading them to the new Archive website. We have uploaded almost all recordings received since 2011, and we are now beginning to work on the previous years’ which will take us to prior 2008. As well as this, the website also includes recordings from Rinpoche’s future teaching tours as they happen, which means that as a member you will be able to listen to those while Rinpoche travels and teaches around the globe.

The next stage will be to make it possible for individual members & Dharma Centres to upload recorded teachings. We hope that this will fill in any missing teachings and also offer opportunities to upgrade any low quality recordings.

Rinpoche doesn’t charge for his teachings and all initial development costs have been generously funded by Bodhicharya Publications. However, storing and making such a body of material available in a secure and professional way requires a paid delivery system. Each time a video or audio file is accessed by you, we pay for that delivery. Therefore a membership charge will be essential to the survival of the website: an annual membership fee will allow you access to the full archive of teachings and courses – with the exception of certain restricted teachings for which you must apply for permissions. Please see more information in the About section.

As a member you can also become involved by giving feedback through listening, informing us of any technical errors, and also providing a synopsis to summarise the content of a teaching.

Given the preciousness of what we are storing and delivering, we think it’s worth it and we hope you do too.

Finally, it is Rinpoche’s wish that as time goes on this website will become a key portal where he will be able to both communicate with his students and also deliver and curate longer courses for different levels of study and stages along the path. We hope that in the near future our Courses section will come alive with an array of rich and diverse teachings for student members of any level and experience to follow.

It is our wish that this website becomes an invaluable resource for many people and that the benefits for all beings will be vast and far reaching.

You can visit The Ringu Tulku Archive here:

Paul O’Connor
Webmaster & Project Coordinator

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