Bodhicharya summercamp at Casa da Torre

Portugal is a great place to take a summer holiday – especially at Casa da Torre, a Jesuit Centre for Spirituality and Culture, near Braga in the Costa Verde, which is the venue that has hosted the Bodhicharya Summercamp for the last three years. It’s an ancient, cool, cloistered monastery with a tiny, exquisite, four hundred year old chapel, and seemingly endless corridors set in an enormous organic farm estate where the main crops seem to be the grapes that produce a light white wine that was served with dinner, and enormous peaches and nectarines that promised heaven at each mealtime. On the last evening a local choir filled the church with their singing, causing faint echoes of the gods to resonate around the buildings.

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Birthday Cards for Ringu Tulku

by wangdu on July 3, 2014

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 Dear Friends,

Rinpoche’s birthday falls on the week of Bodhicharya Summer Camp which will be held in Portugal July 14-20. We would like to ask all of you to send Rinpoche a happy birthday greeting card, whether you are coming to summer camp or not. Either bring your card with you, along with the cards of your friends and sangha members who are not able to come this time, or send it via snail mail (yes, through post office, with a stamp on!) to:

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
C/o Tsering Paldron
Casa da Torre
4730 570 SOUTELO
Vila Verde

Please send your birthday card soon, so that it will arrive by July 16th!

PS. It could be a postcard from your own country – maybe with some landmark, with a personal message? Then there is no need to even use an envelope. Of course, you can also make your own card if you like.


Building Bodhicharya Berlin

by wangdu on June 26, 2014

in Shrine Room Project

Bodhicharya Berlin has been building up the centre for many years and we need your help NOW to complete this auspicious project founded by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and blessed by H.H. the 17th Karmapa during his first visit in June 2014. His apartment as well as the main temple is now under construction.

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Bodhicharya Publications is happy to announce that the second editions of the Lazy series are now available to buy online in our bookstore.

The new books are now a smaller A6 size and have new covers and layouts. They make ideal gifts for family and friends, with Rinpoche’s easily digestible teaching style. But they are also great for the more seasoned practitioner, giving a refreshing overview and reminder of the essence and purpose of Dharma practice.

We hope that this new edition continues to bring benefit to all that read them.

Visit the bookstore to see the complete set.






Tomorrow 13/6/14 on the auspicious day of Fullmoon of Saga Dawa my uncle Thendup Dorjee’s stupa will be consecrated by the Tulkus, Khenpos and monks of Rigul Monastery. It was built under the dedicated leadership of Dr. Chuga.

I thank all who helped and contributed towards this project.

- Ringu Tulku



Click on the image above to see more images.

On the sunny morning of June 6, 2014 , the Karmapa and his entourage drove down Kinzigstrasse in the former East Berlin to pay a visit to the Bodhicarya center, founded by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.  The wood fence lining the street outside the center is decorated with colorful drawings of the eight auspicious symbols, which lead up to the main gate. Its doors are opened wide to reveal a vista of the countryside hidden in this corner of Berlin. Winding paths lined with grasses and flowers wend their way past red brick, single-story buildings to the tall meditation hall at the back of the property. On top are special rooms for the Karmapa including a balcony with a view of the gardens and the surrounding area. [click to continue…]

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+++ Tickets sales start Thursday, 8 May, 6 p.m. CEST +++

500 more tickets per event are available for the Karmapa’s visit to Berlin – we have moved to a larger hall at the same venue, the Estrel Convention Center. All tickets sold so far, as well as their categories, keep their validity.

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As many of you may already know, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, will visit Germany from 28th May until 8th June. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, being the official Representative of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa for Europe, is the main coordinator of the visit. Therefore Rinpoche will be visiting fewer locations than he normally would this spring (See the travel schedule here).

We hope that many of you will consider attending some of these wonderful events based in Kamalashila and Berlin. To view the Provisional Schedule in various languages, see website. For more information on ticketing and locations, visit

Please also consider supporting the events if you can.


Francois Henrard has made this delightful video of some of the children and the school when he visited Rigul in October 2013.

We wish to thank everyone for their kind-hearted, ongoing support and generous donations for the children and the school in Rigul, Kham, Tibet. Since the school was built in 2006, many children have benefited from an education, some going on to higher studies and becoming useful members of the community. This progress is even more remarkable knowing that most people in the area for miles around are illiterate. The parents and the community are now witnessing the value and importance of education.

Rigul Trust funds the education of the children, the teachers’ and the cooks’ salaries, the text books and two free, hot school meals a day for all the children.

pupil-rigulTo make a donation to Rigul school and welfare projects please visit:

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.


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Mahakala sacred dances in Rigul

1 March 2014 General News


The traditional Mahakala sacred dances are taking place in Rigul on the last days of the Tibetan Year.
These pictures were taken on February 28th 2014.


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Registrations for the 2014 Bodhicharya Summer Camp are now open!

8 February 2014 Events

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Rigul School Update

22 October 2013 Projects

We wish to thank everyone for their kind hearted ongoing support and generous donations for the children and the school in Rigul, Kham, Tibet. Since the school was built in 2006, many children have benefited from an education, some going on to higher studies and becoming useful members of the community.
This progress is even more [...]

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News from Rigul, Tibet.

15 October 2013 General News

Francois has arrived safe an sound in Rigul, Tibet. Here he sends a photo of himself and some of the children taken on his safe arrival on Monday 14th October.
Francois has also forwarded this message from Khenpo Senge about the Rigul children:
I want to express my appreciation to all the sponsors and Rigul Tulku Rinpoche [...]

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Akong Rinpoche

13 October 2013 General News

I am shocked and shattered to know that Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche has passed away at the hands of murderers in Chengdu on 8th of October along with his nephew and driver. I feel so helpless and lonely without his strong and courageous presence.
I knew Akong Rinpoche since I was 9 years old. He bathed [...]

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Viktualienmarke Buddha arrives in Bodhicharya Berlin from Munic.

1 October 2013 General News

Buddha Arrived from Migrant Film on Vimeo.
See more images here

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Corby Council agrees to ‘adopt’ Tibetan village

20 September 2013 Rigul Trust

[News Update - 20 September 2013]
Corby in Northamptonshire has become the first council in the UK to ‘adopt’ a Tibetan village. On 19 September, Corby Council voted to ‘adopt’ Rigul village in eastern Tibet. Council members now plan to raise funds for health and education projects in Rigul, as well as highlighting the human and [...]

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Corby Council to vote on ‘adopting’ Tibetan village

14 September 2013 General News

Rigul, Kham, Tibet, Ringu Tulku’s birthplace, may become the first Tibetan village to be adopted by a UK town. Here is a report from the Tibet Society of a meeting in Corby on the 11th September, that Margaret Richardson, trustee of Rigul Trust, attended and gave a presentation of how Rigul Trust helps in Tibet.
Corby [...]

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The ‘Viktualienmarket-Buddha’ comes from Munic to Berlin

4 September 2013 General News

Bodhicharya Berlin has adopted a 3.49 m high Buddha statue, the meanwhile quite famous “Viktualienmarket-Buddha”. This art installation by the Malayan artist Han Chong “Made in Dresden” is part of a series of art projects in Munic. The London based artist, himself a Buddhist, has created a Buddha statue in the lotus position, deliberately laid [...]

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The Holy Isle retreat, June 2013

28 July 2013 General News

He began this teaching some years ago when he visited London (2010 I think) and was responding to requests to continue. The text is a pith instruction, very succinct, and it fitted neatly into the one week retreat with two teaching sessions per day. It is a very profound teaching and I am not going [...]

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Bodhicharya’s E-Magazine ‘Many Roads’ is back!

26 July 2013 General News

On the site you’ll find various categories: Personal Stories, Fiction, Book and Film Reviews, Poetry, Music and Photography. Visit and have a read.
All are welcome to submit articles on a variety of subjects to our on-line magazine. Please send your articles and reviews with a short up-dated bio-data (along with a photo if possible) [...]

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Recent Mystic Yoga Retreat at Bodhicharya Meditation Centre.

25 July 2013 General News

By Mystic Sudhir.
For those of you wanting to experience what taking up a veil could mean and what it is to lead a cloistered life, a visit to BMC for a week or two is a must. Tucked in a valley, it is hidden and screened off from the world in every sense. The Bodhicharya [...]

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Journey from Head to Heart: Along a Buddhist Path

2 July 2013 General News

New Heart Wisdom book out now!
Ringu Tulku’s latest book presents 37 short teachings, designed to be read individually and integrated with our practice and daily life. Together they take us on a journey through the vehicles of Buddhism, elucidating some common misunderstandings and basic principles of the Buddhist path, all the while encouraging us to [...]

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Two new Lazy Lama editions

26 June 2013 General News

Bodhicharya Publications is happy to announce that we have just published two new second editions from the much loved Lazy Lama series. The books are now a smaller, A6 pocket-size. We hope to follow through with the remaining three books very shortly.
Both books are now available in our new online book shop.
Simply click on the [...]

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In memory of Marion Knight

10 May 2013 General News

Marion died suddenly on 29th April. She was a valued member of the Bodhicharya publications team. We wish to share two beautiful poems that Marion wrote whilst on retreat at Bodhicharya Meditation centre in 2010 and also Ringu Tulku’s message:
“I am sad to hear the news of the sudden demise of Marion Knight. She had [...]

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Back in Berlin

9 May 2013 Shrine Room Project

After his US tour, Rinpoche is back in Europe and returned to Berlin on Monday May 6th, 2013. He taught at Rigpa for one night and then spent three days in Bodhicharya.
At his “home” in Berlin, Rinpoche gave teachings on Karma in a fully packed gompa.

He had lunch with the sangha.

Meetings were also held to [...]

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Rinpoche’s Travel Schedule 2013

8 March 2013 Events

Don’t forget, if you use iCal or another digital calendar, you can get these events automatically added to your calendar as they are individually published. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of the Travel Schedule page to subscribe.

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Behind the Picture exhibition

6 March 2013 Events

The Directors of Crane Kalman Gallery invite you to the Exhibition ‘BEHIND THE PICTURE’. Paintings and Narrative by Simone Sandelson.
Friday 15th March – Saturday 6th April 2013
Proceeds from sale of giclée prints will be donated to The Rigul Trust and The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
178 Brompton Road, London SW3 1HQ
Tel: 020 7584 [...]

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The adventures of Tashi, the tibetan cricket.

27 February 2013 General News

A new childrens kindle book, by Tsering Paldron, is now available via the Amazon Store. It contains a foreword by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and illustrations by Cécile Eyen.
The book, called ‘The adventures of Tashi, the tibetan cricket’, is available in English, French and German. It can also be found in other e-book formats here.
It is [...]

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Bodhicharya Summer Camp registration now open.

21 February 2013 News Now

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Retreat with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on Holy Isle

18 February 2013 Events

Wednesday 19th June – Tuesday 25th June
This retreat is open to all, new and long-term students, interested in spending some time in this beautiful natural setting, receiving teaching on Buddhism and meditation.
Holy Isle is situated off the Scottish coast, a little north of Glasgow.

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Rigul Trust Newsletter

17 February 2013 Rigul Trust

Dear Friends,
We hope that you are well and joyful.
We are very grateful, appreciative and rejoice at the kindness, generosity and help given to Ringu Tulku’s enlightenend projects through Rigul Trust and bring you news of Rigul, Kham, Tibet with this edition of the Trust 2013 Newsletter.
There are regular updates on Bodhicharya Communities Rigul Trust page, [...]

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Daily life in Rigul by Shannon Lui

1 February 2013 Rigul Trust

Dear Friends,
As many of you will know, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche was born in Rigul, Kham , Tibet, and he is still the Abbot and director of Rigul monastery. Through many difficult years, Rinpoche has had to operate from afar, in a position of exile in India. Students, friends and family worldwide have helped Rinpoche to [...]

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Shedra Survey for Bodhicharya Online Shedra Students

19 January 2013 General News

Dear Friends,
It would be extremely helpful if you could take a few moments to fill in our survey, on how you have found the Online Shedra so far, and how it might best continue as we move forward.
Please click here to open the survey:
Shedra Survey
Thank you!
Photo: Cesare Saguato, 2013.

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For Jess

6 January 2013 General News

Jess is an amazing young woman.  Since the age of 16 she has been bed-bound and living in one room in her family home.  She suffers from severe ME.  She is now 21.  But, despite her life of pain and isolation and frequent hospital stays, Jess has founded and runs a charity for sick and [...]

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My Heartfelt Prayers for the New Year 2013

31 December 2012 News Now

In this misty morning
Under the Bodhi tree
We all sit close together
And pray for universal well-being.
My mind goes to my loved ones
Who have passed away.
I never cease to miss them.
May they find their way to peace.
My mind also goes to those Tibetans
Who have burnt themselves alive
Without hatred and [...]

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