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SAMYE LING Fulfilling the Vision from Sitar Rose on Vimeo.

Sitar Rose

Sitar specialises in health, education and the arts and frequently works with sensitive and difficult issues.
After training in Social Anthropology at Edinburgh University, she started making documentaries in 1980. Since then she has  researched, directed. filmed and edited her own productions . Fulfilling the Vision is one of a number of films she made for Akong Rinpoche at Samye Ling since 1988. To see recent films visit  https://vimeo.com/user2733278 or www.sitarrose.com


Daily life at the Monastery


This is the third article in the series by Ani Rinchen Khandro published in the New Statesmanin which she relates her experience at the Kagyu Samye Ling Monastry in Scotland.

If, after having encountered a realized spiritual master of authentic and unbroken lineage, one wishes to become a Buddhist the next step is to ‘take refuge’. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition the spiritual teacher, who embodies the Buddha, bestows refuge and the student puts his or her wholehearted trust in the three refuges of the Buddha, the Dharma, (the Buddha’s teachings), and the noble Sangha, (the other enlightened ones). Continue reading




Ani Rinchen Khandro recounts years living in South-East Asia and her life as a Buddhist nun at Kagyu Samye Ling monastery.

When one encounters anyone born in the west who is a Buddhist, the likelihood is that they were not born into the faith, but have come to it in later life as a result of their individual, spiritual journey rather than because of their upbringing. And so it was with me.


Having been born in Manchester to parents of Jewish and Catholic origins I was brought up in a Jewish household and even attended a Jewish school where Hebrew was part of the curriculum. As with many young people my teenage years were a time of rebellion, searching for and asserting my identity. In a state of confusion and uncertainty Agnosticism seemed to be the only honest position to take.

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