Earthquake: Nepal and bordering countries


The news of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal and bordering countries will have reached so many of us. The reportage of the thousands of fatalities, injured and the graphic images on TV and the social media will have touched the hearts of so many around the world. Words fail to express the utter sadness and grief felt by the survivors.

People have been asking Ringu Tulku and Rigul Trust if they can make donations to help with the relief work in Nepal. At present we don’t have any direct and reliable links on the ground in Nepal but we are looking into ways that we can help. Support and aid will be needed not only immediately but also in the medium to long term.

Ringu Tulku says:

“I am trying to find a reliable organisation with whom we can work together in Nepal. The monasteries are focusing their work in remote places and they are doing really well.
The Kagyu monasteries have asked for permission to give aids in remote areas of Nepal and they were given with thanks. They are now in both East and West giving food, bedding, tents and other most urgent supplies and supports.
HH Karmapa gave $200,000 again. He also sent more tents from Bodhgaya.”

We also asked Ringu Tulku what prayers we could do for the people of Nepal and surrounding countries affected, Rinpoche says:

“Chenrezig practice for the dead and Tara and Guru Rinpoche practice for living and warding off more problems”.

Chenrezig Links:

Ringu Tulku’s commentary on the Practice of Chenrezig is available as a book including the prayers. Available on

Tara prayers:

Free from Eight Fears
I pray to you who protects me from eight fears.
I pray to you who brings us blazing auspiciousness.
I pray to you who closes the door of negative rebirths.
I pray to you who leads us to the realms of happiness.
Your love is ever present for all of us.
Please continue to give us your loving protection.

Rough translation by Ringu Tulku.

Guru Rinpoche mantra:

Guru Rinpoche mantra video
HH Karmapa chanting seven line prayer in Berlin
HH Karmapa’s talk on the Seven Line Supplication to Guru Rinpoche


Message from HH Karmapa concerning the earthquake link:

[On] the morning of the 25th of April, in Nepal, the land where Lord Buddha was born, there occurred a devastating earthquake. Many thousands of people have been killed or injured, and historic buildings and private homes have been turned into ruins. As soon as I learned of this painful and distressing situation, I made my deepest aspiration prayers and dedications for all the people affected, and continue to do so. Especially at times when we are faced with such a desperate situation, we cannot sit idle, unfeelingly. We must join forces and carry the burden of sorrow together. It is important that each one of us light the lamp of courage. Additionally, it is important that each of the Karma Kagyu monasteries in Nepal, while looking after their own pressing needs for immediate protection, also extend any and all aid and protection they can to the public in their surrounding communities. From my own side, I will make every effort to come personally in the near future to offer my solace and support as well.
HH 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

We will do our best to help the people affected by the earthquake in whatever ways that we can.
Ringu tulku has family living in Kathmandu and they are all ok and have been living out of doors for many days.

Tom Zachmeier, a film maker, is doing noble, pioneering, grass roots work with his Conscious Action Network. Tom is helping raise the profile of Rigul Trust too and if you are in Berlin on May 10th this year please don’t miss this event below – Noble Heart Night – A vision for Tibet – some of the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to Rigul Trust and Ringu Tulku will be giving the talk on the ‘Wisdom of Love – Changing the World from the Inside Out’, at this event. Please check Tom’s work out with C.A.N.


With love and prayers,

Margaret Richardson
on behalf of Ringu Tulku and the trustees of Rigul Trust. – – Tel:+44 (0)23 8046 2926

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