Teachings from Rinpoche’s Summer Tour


Dear Online Shedra followers,

After the glorious Bodhicharya Summer Camp in Portugal, Rinpoche is continuing his summer tour, currently traveling in France. He’s not had the circumstances to send new videos on the Bodhicharyavatara so far, so why not enjoy this summer gap and maybe catch up with the previous online shedra teachings  — or listen to the recordings of Rinpoche’s wonderful teachings generously shared by some of the centers he has visited on his tour recently.

For instance:

“The Nature of Mind” and “Change Starts in Our Heart”, two teachings given by Ringu Tulku in Totnes, UK, for Bodhicharya Southwest:  http://www.bodhicharyasouthwest.org.uk

“Meditation – What’s the Point?”, a public talk by Ringu Tulku in Dublin, organised by Bodhicharya Ireland:
Log in to the Community site, http://bodhicharya.intouch.net and then go to this address while logged in: http://bodhicharya.intouch.net/dl/cv_content/152288


With best wishes for your summer,

Bodhicharya Online Shedra


Photo courtesy of Ani Könchog Lhamo, 2013.

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