Recent Mystic Yoga Retreat at Bodhicharya Meditation Centre.

By Mystic Sudhir.

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For those of you wanting to experience what taking up a veil could mean and what it is to lead a cloistered life, a visit to BMC for a week or two is a must. Tucked in a valley, it is hidden and screened off from the world in every sense. The Bodhicharya Meditation Center (BMC) is located in Rumtek, East Sikkim, at an altitude of about 5800 ft, 20 km from Gangtok, the state’s capital, and about 3 kms from Rumtek Monastery.

BMC is ideally suited for Mystic Yoga Retreat with its peaceful setting surrounded by forest and terraced gardens, and about 1 km from the nearest road. It has given us ample opportunity for indoor practice sessions and outdoor classes with majestic Himalayas as the backdrop.

This last Mystic Yoga Retreat had been arranged from 28-30th June ’13 at the beautiful premises of BMC with an opportunity to breathe in fresh air and gaze at the clear sky and mountains. This rejuvenating retreat was aimed to expand our understanding of yoga’s timeless wisdom and give us a profound experience of practicing yoga and meditation in the mountains.

As night descends, BMC air is further stilled and all you could do is practice your mantra and meditation and naturally escape to some ethereal realm. From the terrace, you can see the city of Gangtok, twinkling and sparkling, dotting the clear skyline.

The bright and colorful shrine room at BMC with Dharma art works, traditional paintings on the ceiling, walls, the hanging Thangkas, the altar and the offerings was a refuge for all seekers. Simply put people were spellbound by the simplicity and the dignity of the shrine hall. The Tara paintings with the Sutras in the staircase kept many of the group intrigued till late into the night.

Sudhir, the Principal Coach of Mystic Yoga conducted an interactive seminar on Yoga and Personal Effectiveness. Yoga principles are very practical and help unravel the dynamic persona within. One can achieve inner poise and achieve greater success for oneself and others. Chirashree led Ashtanga Yoga and Chanting sessions and Hatha Yoga sessions were led by Abhishek. A yoga show was performed by Mystic Yoga trainers in honor of Lama.

Lama Tsering Paljor led Chenrezig practice sessions, with the help of transliteration and translation notes. Though Lama knows only Tibetan, but his tender and aware heart was able to communicate and subtly touch each one out there and his warm affection made everyone feel at home. His presence in group meals and applause at yoga sessions ushered in a sense of cheerful inspiration. One of the participants, said couple of weeks later: that her main takeaway from Lamas’ teachings is just two words ‘Unbiased Compassion’.

Mystic Yoga are hosting a residential Yoga and Meditation Teachers Training Course at BMC, Rumtek from March 11th – March 31st, 2014.

For further details please go to or contact Sudhir at / 91-91633 65029 /

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