White Tara: Healing Light of Wisdom – a new publication

Bodhicharya Publications is very happy to announce the publication of Ringu Tulku’s latest book ‘White Tara: Healing Light of Wisdom.’ This book presents his teachings on the practice of White Tara, focusing on the short daily sadhana by Tenga Rinpoche and explaining how it includes all aspects of practice: shamatha, vipassana, Mahamudra and so on.

Purchasing a copy of this beautiful text will not only bring you these timeless teachings, but will also donate funds to Rigul Trust, to support their activities among the people of Ringu Tulku’s homeland in Rigul, Kham. 100% of all profits received go directly to Rigul Trust.

You can purchase your copy from our online book shop here:

White Tara – Healing Light of Wisdom

Also available globally as a print and e-book from all good online bookshops.

“Wow, this is a wonderful, inspiring, and wise text, which is deepening my understanding of Tara and practice in general. I feel privileged to be reading it. I feel it’s not something you just read through once; I’m taking my time over it. I love how the beautiful style balances the Tibetan teachings with our lives as they are now, helping us to apply the teachings in our everyday life.”

“What a jewel. At first, I just read bits and pieces and realised what a treasure this book is. It got me so excited I got up and danced with joy! It’s like the practice came to life. No wonder Thrangu Rinpoche gave me the empowerment all those years ago – this practice encompasses the whole path. I have waited about 20 years for these teachings or, to put it differently, maybe it took that time to make me ready. Now I focus on one piece at a time, and take my time savouring and applying it (with old age it takes time to change patterns!)”

~ Niki Jolliffe

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