Feeling better.

Dear Friends,

I was a little sick on 8th March due to high blood pressure on my way to Varanasi to see and translate for HH the Karmapa. I am now going through all the check ups at the Medica North Bengal Clinic, Siliguri. I am already feeling better and my b.p. is under control. Hopefully I will be discharged tomorrow.

I am confident that I can continue my Spring Tour. There is nothing to worry about.

Looking forward to see many of you in Europe.

Best wishes,


8 thoughts on “Feeling better.”

  1. Rinpoche, On behalf of myself and surely all friends in whole rigpa sangha, I hereby send you
    our warmest and most loving wishes and prayers for your good health and
    strong recovery.
    Thank you again for the very meaningful and beautiful teachings in the online shedra on Bodhichitta and may all sangha’s be harmonious and work and practice well together.
    Love and prayers, and today on the 10th of march especially freedom and human rights in Tibet, I go demonstrate in Den Haag Holland with many others…and pray the prayer for Peace and stability.. Marlou

  2. Dear Rinpoche
    Thinking of you and wishing you great health
    and a low bloodpressure,at the moment so many
    people are suffering.
    Looking very much forward to your visit.
    may all go well

  3. raquel garcia arroyo

    Dear Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
    As you can feel through the messages… we all love you, and take care of you deeply.
    All the loving care and warmth from people, is arriving you, as a tender and kind medicine.
    You´ll be better ahead of schedule.
    Best wishes,
    See you soon

  4. Dear Rinpoche,
    I have only just learned of your health problem, and hope very much that your blood pressure is now back to normal, and that you can continue your journey as planned.
    With love and prayers,
    Pat Little

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