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Rigul Greetings and Gratitude

Dear friends worldwide, So very many of us have so willingly and graciously helped Ringu Tulku’s people in Tibet over the years. The people in Rigul send their heartfelt greetings, appreciation and gratitude for all the help and the kindness that so many of us have provided with support and funds for health, education and

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Online Summercamp 2020 Breakfast Zoom

Let’s Meet on Zoom

Breakfast Zoom 2nd Sunday of every month As a follow-up to the Breakfast Zoom at the Summer Camp, Andy Lowe has kindly offered to host an open breakfast meeting on Zoom for the international Bodhicharya sangha on a monthly basis as follows Sunday 9th August 2020 07.00 UTC Cancelled due to technical problems: Sunday 13th

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Rinpoche Has Started Teaching on the Bodhicharyavatara

Rinpoche is now continuing the course on the Bodhicharyavatara, and the first new session was posted today. Bodhicharyavatara is regarded as one of the most important Tibetan Buddhist texts and is studied extensively by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners everywhere. Rinpoche will deliver his understanding of the text in a way that will make it fully accessible

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Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp 2019 – 29th July to 4th August  Dear friend, Registrations for Summer Camp are now open. Please check the Bodhicharya Portugal webpage to register. Summer Camp 2019 – Du 29 juillet au 4 Août Cher ami, Les inscriptions pour le Summer Camp 2019 sont ouvertes. Visitez notre page internet pour vous inscrire. Summer

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The Gift of Group Altruism in Action at Summer Camp

One evening at Bodhicharya summer camp, Andy Lowe so very kindly invited all of us to watch the film ‘Akong Rinpoche – A Remarkable Life‘. Akong Rinpoche has left a remarkable legacy of kindness, dedication, helped thousands and thousands of Tibetans and westerners, often under very challenging situations. A doctor, a spiritual friend, a labourer,

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