The Gift of Group Altruism in Action at Summer Camp

One evening at Bodhicharya summer camp, Andy Lowe so very kindly invited all of us to watch the film Akong Rinpoche – A Remarkable Life.

Akong Rinpoche has left a remarkable legacy of kindness, dedication, helped thousands and thousands of Tibetans and westerners, often under very challenging situations. A doctor, a spiritual friend, a labourer, an innovator of so very many Samye activities and centres in so many countries.

The escape from Tibet was gruelling, without food many times, having to eat the leather they carried.

His journey out of Tibet would have been similar to that of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s escape from Tibet, over the Himalayas for nearly two years constantly under threat of gunfire from the Chinese. They had to leave everything behind, possessions, home, friends, families, animals and country.

The incredible life of Akong Rinpoche has brought and still is bringing great inspiration to his students, friends and those who are hearing about his bodhisattva and altruistic life through this heart touching story.

A life of service to those is one of the greatest practices we can offer and share in life. We are so interdependent, so privileged to have this precious human life and to have a purpose and direction through the dharma guided by our amazing spiritual friends.

All of us who saw the film made an offering. 1.200 euros was raised.

600 euros will go to the Akong Memorial Foundation which is taking care of healthcare at the Dolma Lhakang Monastery in remote Tibet.

Rigul Trust will receive 600 euros which will go to Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s monastery, school, health clinic and basic sanitation in Rigul, Kham Tibet where Ringu Tulku has his monastery and is the abbot in exile.

Summer camp was a very joyful occasion and so many people made so many donations to Ringu Tulku’s projects through Rigul Trust.

1,825 euros was given plus 600 euros for the film, making a grand total of 2.425 euros to Rigul Trust for Tibet.

100% will be sent. 100% expenses met privately.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity.

Gratitude and kindness are the currency of the Universe!!

Best wishes,

Margaret Richardson
Founder of Rigul Trust

Photos: Francois Henrard, Dirk de Klerk

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