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Fire Monkey New Year Greetings

On the Fire Monkey New Year
I wish you a heart felt Tashi Delek.
Next year this time may we meet again
With smiles on our face
And hearts full of joy.
May our teachers live long
May the goodness spread wide
May the world be filled with compassion
May the earth revive its vitality
May the beings live in peace.
May all these wishes come true
That I made with a pure heart.

With respect from Ringu Tulku

Remembering Chatral Rinpoche



You mastered all the studies at the Monastery of Kathok.
You grounded the Instructions into experience with Khenpo Ngakchung.
You accomplished those at Samye Chimphu and various retreats
The master of Sidhas, Sangye Dorje please take care of us.
You gave up eating meat and saved countless beings
You gave up eight worldly concerns and became a true Chatral.
You showed us what true dharma practice really is.
You shine bright amidst the oceans of Vidyadharas.

These words of devotion escaped me when I heard the sad news that Chatral Rinpoche had passed away in Nepal.

Ringu Tulku
Gangtok 5th. January 2016

Greetings for the New Year 2016


Gazing at the golden peak of Kanchenjunga
In this glorious winter morning
I feel what a blessed life I am living
And what a wonderful world we have here.

May the New Year bring peace and joy
May there be no fear and hatred
May the earth be saved from degradation
May we find a way to live in harmony and kindness.

Ringu Tulku,
Gangtok, Sikkim

སྤྱི་ལོ་༢༠༡༦ དགའ་བས་བསུ།
ཉི་གཞོན་གྱིས་བསུས་པའི་སྔ་དྲོའི་ཆར། གྭངས་ཆེན་མཛོད་ལྔའི་གསེར་མདོག་གི་རི་རྩེ་ལ་བལྟས་པས། ངའི་མི་ཚེ་འདི་ཅི་འདྲའི་བདེ་སྐྱིད་ལྡན་པ་དང་། འཇིག་རྟེན་འདི་ཅི་འདྲའི་མཛེས་སྡུག་ལྡན་པའི་སེམས་ཚོར་ཞིག་སྐྱེས། ལོ་གསར་པ་འདི་ཞི་བདེ་དང་བདེ་སྐྱིད་ཀྱིས་ཕྱུག་ཅིང་། འཇིགས་ཞུམ་དང་ཁོང་ཁྲོ་མེད་པར། གོ་ལ་འདི་ཉམས་ཉེས་ལས་བསྐྱབས་ནས། མཛའ་མཐུན་དང་བརྩེ་སེམས་ཀྱིས་གནས་པའི་སྨོན་ལམ་ཞུ།། རི་མགུལ་སྤྲུལ་སྐུས་སྒང་ཏོག་ནས་ཕུལ།

Happy Losar!


The horns of auspiciousness touch the sky.
The wools of prosperity swirl on the ground.
The bleats of happiness resound the valleys.
The year of Sheep may bring you all the goodness.

Ringu Tulku
19th February, 2015

Happy New Year 2015


We are all gathered in Bodhgaya,
The Karmapa and thousands of us.
We pray here day and night;
We resolve to work towards our aspirations:

May each of us help all beings.
That we may free them from all problems.
That we may bring them lasting and true happiness.
That we can share all our good fortune with all beings.
That peace may prevail over all the world.
That all violence and atrocities may end at once.
That all beings may be kind to each other.

There is a presence of kindness.
There is a feeling of peace.
There is a joyful atmosphere.
This is, to me, the most wonderful celebration.
A celebration of peace, joy and kindness towards all, and each other.

I celebrate the New Year with these aspirations.
Let us all celebrate the New Year with these aspirations.

Happy New Year 2015

Ringu Tulku

Tibetan New Year of Wood Horse

With each year passing
I realize how precious the life is.
With each day passing
I realise how fast the time moves.
Do we have time to waste
In being nasty to each other?
Isn’t it wiser to make our day nice
By being just kind towards each other.
Why not start on this auspicious day,
The New Year of the Wood Horse.

Live Compassionately – toward yourself, the environment, & all beings.

With greetings from

Ringu Tulku

Akong Rinpoche


I am shocked and shattered to know that Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche has passed away at the hands of murderers in Chengdu on 8th of October along with his nephew and driver. I feel so helpless and lonely without his strong and courageous presence.

I knew Akong Rinpoche since I was 9 years old. He bathed me when I was dirty and nursed me when I was sick. He has been a most reliable and constant friend all my life. He was also the first to invite me to come to the West to teach.

Akong Rinpoche was a man of few words and he always did what he said. I never saw him sitting idle even for a short period and he was always doing something worthwhile. But he never looked stressed or tense.

He was on the high throne in his most expensive brocade one moment and the next moment he was digging a ditch in the rain with same ease and naturalness.

I do not need to talk about his contribution towards the preservation and spread of Buddhism nor do I have to inform about his charitable works. These are well known to the whole world and whole Tibet is now remembering him for his gigantic work in so many projects.

He taught us that to help the helpless is the essence of Dharma practice as well as our human responsibility.

We will always miss him but I hope his mission would never come to suffer because of his absence.

I would like to pray for his swift return and to continue to help countless people who need dedicated and fearless people like him.

Ringu Tulku


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Trifold Anniversary of Buddha

Today is the trifold anniversary
Of Buddha Sakya Muni.

He was born, got enlightened
And attained parinirvana
On the full moon days of this month
26 centuries before now.

This is the time for us to remember that great apostle of peace.
The teacher who taught us to train
Our mind and awaken within us
The great wisdom and compassion.

By Ringu Tulku
25th May 2013