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My Heartfelt Prayers for the New Year 2013

In this misty morning
Under the Bodhi tree
We all sit close together
And pray for universal well-being.

My mind goes to my loved ones
Who have passed away.
I never cease to miss them.
May they find their way to peace.

My mind also goes to those Tibetans
Who have burnt themselves alive
Without hatred and violence
Calling for justice in Tibet.

I do not know if it helps Tibet
But I need to support them
As I am still a human being
And they have so much trust in humanity.

I pray that there will be kindness
In each and every heart
And we are all able to express that
Without fear of any kind. 

May the Year of 2013
Be a year of new beginnings.
May we act with wisdom
And may we think with compassion.

Ringu Tulku

Sherab Palden Beru Passes Away

Uncle Sherab

I used to sit at his side and ask for stories.
When I was barely ten years old.
While painting Thankas of many colours
He told me folk tales of Tibet
The epics of Ling Gesar
And life stories of great masters
So colourful and inspiring
Not even slightly distracted from his work.
I have forgotten the big books
That I struggled to study and memorise
But those stories are still fresh in my mind
Giving guidance at every turn of my life.
He was a great artist.
A master in the creation of spiritual symbolism.
He continued to paint Thankas
Until he could no longer see.
He was a great friend to me,
With his kindness and concern;
He helped me to see my pitfalls
Even without mentioning them.
Today he left his body
At the ripe old age of a hundred and one
To continue his work of art
For the benefit of another set of beings.
I know he will be well wherever he goes,
But I will miss him till to my last breath.

By Ringu Tulku

These words spontaneously arose in my mind when I heard the news that my life long friend Sherab Palden Beru passed away in Samye Ling, Scotland on 29th November, 2012.
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Funeral of Uncle

The funeral went very well today. We were worried about the weather as the monsoon has not yet left and it is all the time cloudy and rainy. Bu this morning the Kanchenjunga was fully visible. The sky was completely clear and blue.

The cremation was done at Taktse were you could directly see the Kanchenjunga mountains. The fire offering was done by two group of 10 Lamas each. Nyingma group performed with Chenrezik sadhana and The Kagyu group performed with Amitabha sadhana. There appeared all different forms of clouds in the sky and when the fire was lit a group of eagles circled in the sky above for about 3 or 4 times and then disappeared. The smoke only blew towards the west all through the hours and the body also fell its head towards the west.

Many well wishers from Sikkim as well as from outside Sikkim came and gave us support. I have received sympathy and good wishes from all over the world and I would like to thank all of them on this occasion.

Today the Sakya and Ngorpa Monastery in Gangtok also performed the name burning practice through the sadhana of Vairochana where about 70 monks were in Summer Retreat. We offered lunch and distributed donations.

Ringu Tulku

News Update on Uncle

It seems Uncle Thondup Dorjee came out of samadhi after around 70 hours with some liquid coming out of the nostril. His body still was much more flexible than when he was alive. Now we have put him in the box with due ceremony. The funeral will take place on Wednesday 5th September.

I have received many messages of condolence and good wishes from many of my friends and students. I would like to thank them all as I can not send mails to each of them at this moment.

Ringu Tulku

Remembering Tenga Rinpoche

Lama Chenno!

Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche entered into Samadhi
We have lost another great master
Who lived amongst us and only for us.
We will always miss him,
His immeasurable kindness,
And his tireless work to help us.

At his 80th birthday he declared,
“I never had an obstacle in my life”
All were totally shocked
As he had lost one of his eyes,
One leg and some fingers,
And his other leg was about to go.

Now we do realize
That he was telling the truth.
He had overcome all the obstacles
Even his death was not a problem
It was an act to teach and inspire.
All his life was a teaching and an example.

How fortunate we were!
What a great opportunity it was
To receive his teachings and blessings.
Many people ask me,
“Did you really see an enlightened being.”
Yes, I have and we all have without any doubt.

Ringu Tulku
Gangtok 31st March 2012


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Lama Riga of Rigul School passed away

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Dear all,

I have to inform you that Lama Riga who was in-charge of Rigul School passed away around 5 pm local time on 9th January 2012. He had a stroke and died suddenly.

Lama Riga was the main drive for the establishment and running of the Rigul School. He requested me to build a school when I went there in 2005 and promised me that he will do whatever needs to be done for it as long as he has life in his body. Since then he literally single handedly (he had only one arm as he lost his right arm in an accident) built the school and ran it till now. He took all kinds of responsibilities to rebuild and run the Rigul Monastery since the monastery was allowed to be re-established. Rigul Monastery have lost a very good monk and a very responsible and dedicated person in Lama Riga. The monastery is doing the usual practices for him and all are requested to dedicate some good thoughts and prayers for this simple and dedicated monk.

Khenpo Karma Senge assured me that the monastery is committed to continue to run the school as best as they could and make it even better. Since the school was his dream project I think it would be the best tribute to him to try to make the school continue and to develop it even further. Many children have already been benefitted by the school and all the people in and around Rigul appreciate and thank all who helped to build and run the school. I take this opportunity to thank all those who helped Rigul Trust in UK, Rigul Foundation in Belgium and the team led by Margaret Ford who helped to establish the school and the clinic at Rigul.

With Best wishes,

Ringu Tulku

More News from Rinpoche

I am still in Kathmandu. Earthquake in Sikkim was very devastating. So far around 80 people found dead and 300 wounded. Around 2000 buildings damaged some unliveable including the main secretariat building and some monastery buildings also. I heard that Shedra building of Rumtek is also badly damaged. People have died in Tibet, Nepal and some states of India also. It will take some time to restore everything in Sikkim. At the moment shortage of water seems to be a great problem as the water system is damaged.

Love and prayers,

Earthquake in Northern India

 There was a 6.8 earthquake in Sikkim, Nepal and North India which lasted for over 40 seconds the epicentre of which was in Sikkim. The roads to Sikkim are badly damaged. 18 people are so far reported dead and many with injuries. Gangtok is relatively safe and none of my family and friends are affected so far. There were 3 more shocks and people lived outside all night. The extent of damage to life and buildings is not yet known as roads and mobile communication are broken to remote places.
I was going to Gangtok today from Delhi but going to Nepal till roads are open again.
We are all well.

A Special Birthday Message from Rinpoche

Your loving messages on my birthday
Moved me and encouraged me.

Although a host of great masters taught me
And showered their blessings on me
I remained an idiot just because of my laziness.

If I can bring a slight smell of genuine dharma
In the mind stream of a single individual
I will feel that the efforts of those great teachers
Have not been completely wasted.

Your interest and appreciation of Dharma
Is my strength to live and work in this world.

Ringu Tulku



A Message from Rinpoche

Dear Friends,

Thank you so very much for the good wishes I have received from all of you. I am impressed and feel grateful for the good wishes that you all have sent me. I spent the day with my family listening to the rhythmic music of the rain on my roof and watching the monsoon clouds shedding off their last burden and disappear in to space.

Love and prayers