My Heartfelt Prayers for the New Year 2013

In this misty morning
Under the Bodhi tree
We all sit close together
And pray for universal well-being.

My mind goes to my loved ones
Who have passed away.
I never cease to miss them.
May they find their way to peace.

My mind also goes to those Tibetans
Who have burnt themselves alive
Without hatred and violence
Calling for justice in Tibet.

I do not know if it helps Tibet
But I need to support them
As I am still a human being
And they have so much trust in humanity.

I pray that there will be kindness
In each and every heart
And we are all able to express that
Without fear of any kind. 

May the Year of 2013
Be a year of new beginnings.
May we act with wisdom
And may we think with compassion.

Ringu Tulku

4 thoughts on “My Heartfelt Prayers for the New Year 2013”

  1. van hoorn marlou

    A Poem of Contentment and Gratitude;)

    Rinpoche taught it last year again; the importance of being content.
    How fortunate and grateful I’m that I can watch and listen to the teachings
    again and again.
    After listening I need to reflect and guard my mind… and see if my reactions are
    really wise and kind.
    Strong habits are like a wild elephant, I pray that we can calm the mind and
    be content…even with the breath…as His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa said*
    But we all understand that it’s no use to be content when great injustice happens
    to us or our Tibetan friends…
    It’s not the person we reject, but his/her (our) harmful deeds we can’t neglect.
    As so many devoted Buddhists pray together now, may human beings learn
    to live in peace and understand…the consequences of their (our) harmful deeds…
    so that their (our) suffering quickly ends.
    I wish everyone a happy and save New Year,
    may we work and practise well and may our minds become more calm and clear**.

    Also I like to wish Rinpoche and the sangha a very inspiring and
    pleasurable Winterretreat in Berlin. Tashi Delek.

    Marlou van Hoorn/The Netherlands.

    * Kagyu Monlam webcast on the three primary elements on the path 2012
    ** Title of a book “Calm and Clear” by Tsoknyi Rinpoche

  2. Dear Rinpoche
    Thank you for your lovely message, this are dangerous times, in Tibet, in Africa in Europe in the East ,we see so much suffering… You send us a message of love and compassion, we have to open our hearts and let go all the love and kindness they carry . Thank you for remind us,
    I wish every one a happy New Year.

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